Ubisoft has announced new content for its critically-acclaimed hit Assasin’s Creed Origins, which will hit this month. A new title update will be added in December, adding new challenges for players. The primary addition is the Nightmare difficulty. This will make enemies more resilient to attacks and they will be more deadly. Enemy scaling will also be added, having lower-level enemies scaled to your player’s current level.

There will also be two additional quests added to the game. The first is Horde mode, which will be introduced in the event quest “Here Comes a New Challenger.” The recommended level for Horde mode, according to Ubisoft, is level 32. There is one more surprise quest in which only an image is shown. Could it be a Chocobo!?

Ubisoft Announces New Content for Assasin's Creed Origins

In “Trial of the Gods”, there will also be the ultimate test, a fight against the Goddess herself, Sekhmet. While some players never got the chance to fight the other two gods in this quest, Anubis and Senek, they will be given another chance this month to fight all three gods.

There will also be additional gear and weapons available in the in-game store on December 12 and December 26.

Ubisoft is showing Assassin’s Creed Origins some incredible support and it is definitely a must-have game for this holiday season.

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