This is going to be controversial. I grew up with the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. In fact, my fondest memories were playing the SNES with my family. It wasn’t because of the games per se, but because of the fun factor and the quality fond family memories formed. In fact, playing the Super Nintendo with my family are among my most memorable memories with my family. Period. The Super Nintendo had the best game lineup of any Nintendo system; ZeldaMarioMario RPGFinal Fantasy II through VI, Mario Kart; you name it, they had it. Super Star Wars!! There’s too much to actually count. It was a very social console and brought friends and families together.

The Switch is the Best Nintendo System Since Super Nintendo

Nintendo has done something similar with the Nintendo Switch, but has adapted it for the current generation 26 years later. In fact, with the exception of May, there has been a major AAA release for the Switch every month since launch, mostly multiplayer titles, as the Switch is a social console after all. All year. Since March. This doesn’t even take into account that two of the greatest games of all time, Super Mario Odyssey and Breath of the Wild were released on the console.

One of my colleagues and current lead writers Matthew wrote a piece that the Switch is the best console since the Nintendo GameCube. Being a bit older, I want to take this even further. The Switch is the best Nintendo system since the Super Nintendo. If the console continues with its high-quality game releases and third-party support, which there is no sign of slowing up, the Switch will surpass the SNES, the greatest Nintendo console ever.

Something For Everyone

The Switch is the Best Nintendo System Since Super Nintendo

One of the greatest aspects of the Nintendo Switch is that there is something for everyone. There are hardcore games like Breath of the Wild and Xenoblade Chronicles 2, which comes out in December, and even upcoming third-party titles like Skyrim and the recently released DOOMLA Noire is great. Wolfenstein II is so violent I’m surprised it’s being released for the Switch, but it’s a fantastic title. Then there are games like Super Mario Odyssey, which appeals to everyone, Mario Kart 8 DeluxeSplatoon 2ARMSPokken Tournament DX; the list goes on. And this is since March and all of these games come out through the holidays. It’s an amazing lineup of games.

The Switch is Social

The Switch is the Best Nintendo System Since Super Nintendo

One of the greatest aspects of the Nintendo Switch is that it brings people together. It is social by nature, whether you’re playing on the TV or have multiple systems with you. Instead of LAN parties, you can now have “Switch” parties. It’s the ultimate social console. The Super Nintendo was an incredibly social console. It was a ton of fun, especially playing together with family. It was limited though by the technology of the time. While the Switch doesn’t quite have the third-party support that the SNES had, it has more than current years. I’ve been alive since the NES era. I have never seen a console that has the ability to bring people together like the Nintendo Switch can, even though the Super Nintendo did in its own right. Technology has evolved though and what Nintendo has done with the Switch is everything they ever meant to put in a console. It is the ultimate Nintendo console.

The Switch is the Best Nintendo System Since Super Nintendo

The Switch is the Best Nintendo System Since Super Nintendo

The Switch will ultimately rival the SNES in the quality of its software. Nintendo’s marketing is the best its been in years. The Wii was good, but the Nintendo Switch have both gamers and non-gamers excited again. The SNES never had two GOTY-quality games come out in a span of six months. So many of my friends were getting disillusioned with gaming and their current consoles. They bought a Switch, and now their passion for gaming is re-invigorated. This is only something Nintendo can accomplish.

The GameCube and Nintendo 64 were great consoles. Ocarina of Time is my favorite game of all time. Super Smash Brothers came into its own on the GameCube with MeeleeGoldeneye was one of the best multiplayer games of the 64 era.

The Switch is the Best Nintendo System Since Super Nintendo

Here’s the thing though: a few games don’t make a console. Hardware and high-quality software, including a consistent release schedule, do. Previous Nintendo consoles lacked this going back to the N64. The Switch is the best piece of hardware Nintendo has ever created. Its social potential is unlimited. It’s the best Nintendo console since the SNES and maybe the best Nintendo console of all time, and it hasn’t even been out a full year. It’s not letting up though. The software keeps coming, even third-party titles.

It’s the first time I’ve played video games socially with my parents in over 21 years. I got an SNES 26 years ago. That just goes to show you how special the Nintendo Switch is.

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Morgan Lewis is a Video Game Journalist is the Founder, Owner, and Editor-in-Chief of VG Culture HQ. He has been writing about games for over four years and has written over 1,500 articles during that timespan. He first fell in love with gaming when he received A Link to the Past for Christmas when he was six and is the guywazeldatatt. He also loves anime and anything that has to do with gaming culture and Tetsuya Takahashi games. Is also a huge anime and Star Wars fan (RIP pending Episode IX).

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  • The Watcher

    Like the Wii is a glorified Gamecube, Nintendo plays it safe with a glorified Wii U – the Switch hence all the ports upon launch including TLOZ BW and SMO.
    Another #grabbingwind propagenda.

    • Morgan

      I have no idea what you mean here. The Wii U was not a glorified GameCube, it should have been a Wii peripheral, and the Wii, regardless of sales, was not a very good console. Sales doesn’t mean great.

    • Segata Sanshiro

      You are VERY wrong. Wii used Gamecube hardware just suped up. Switch is modern architecture and not using any Wii U tech at all. Wii also used the Gamecube API and Wii U used GX2 the successor. Switch uses Open GL and Vulkan. A modern API and why games like Doom are possible. Switch is quite a bit more powerful than Wii U and is easy to develop for unlike Wii U. Esp since the Wii U CPU was an overclocked and 2 extra cores of the Wii CPU. It makes as much sense to call a Switch a glorified Wii U as much as PS4 is a glorified PS3. None. Because it’s totally different hardware. Guess what. PS4 has a lot of PS3 ports.

      • The Watcher

        Switch is Wii U 2.0

        • Segata Sanshiro

          Ok you are just a trolling moron. Gotcha.

          • The Watcher

            LoL whatever

      • The Watcher

        All your techno babbling rambling means nothing to the average consumer. In concept, intentions and power the Switch is a Wii U 2.0 hence all the Wii U ports.

        • Segata Sanshiro

          You’re still a trolling cunt

  • PachterStation

    Somehow, I think the Switch will drop off going into 2018. Game releases will slow. The likes of Yoshi and Kirby look like great games, but taking Nintendo’s other new releases, it’s again more of the same. They need a mix of new franchises and giving some old franchises a deserved sequel, Pilotwings, Wave Race, and Stunt Race to name a few. We all know what we’re going to get (Pokémon, Animal Crossing, Mario etc.). Going from Wii to Wii U, not forgetting the DS and 3DS, it’s starting to wear thin for Nintendo fans. Decent 3DS sales, you’re sort of getting the picture. As the years go by, more Nintendo fans drop off. It’s testing times for Nintendo in 2018. Slowly phasing out the 3DS, Nintendo could end up hanging on with the Switch. Switch releases will be thin in 2018, but hope I’m wrong.

  • Simon

    The Switch has had a great first year, there’s no denying that. Game of the year this year is clearly between two Switch titles, Mario and Zelda, going on reviews alone.

    However, I have a couple of issues/reservations…
    1) You say it’s a very sociable console. I get that, on paper, I agree. The concept is great, carrying around the screen and all crowding round it, that’s great. However, the cost of extra controllers so that you can have more than 2 players (MK and Bomberman need more than 2 players to have a decent game) requires you spending a stupid amount of money for another Joycon set or hoping that one of your friends also bought a Switch (sadly none of mine have!).

    2) There have been some fantastic games this year, albeit, in some case, cross-generation (Zelda) or rehashes of previous-gen (MK and sounds like Splatoon 2 is more like Splatoon 1.5). What have we got beyond Xmas? Metroid will hopefully be great, but after that? I agree, I’d like to see some new franchises or resurrect some IPs that we haven’t seen for many generations, e.g. when was the last F-Zero?!

  • Joseph Valencia

    The circle jerk is out of control. I like my new Switch as much as the next person, but it hasn’t even been out for a year and it’s certainly not above criticism. The eShop is a mess, the joy cons lack a proper D-Pad, the charge grip should be packed-in with the system, the console dock is flimsy, half the must have titles are Wii U ports, stupid motion control in games, controllers that cost $70+ (!), etc. etc.

    Also, using joy cons as two seperate controllers is a monumentally stupid idea. I get a feeling that this “feature” will eventually go the way of the 3D functionality of the 3DS family.