The Last Jedi visual dictionary has been leaked online. If you do not want to know anything about Episode VIII do not read any further. VGCultureHQ will not be posting any major spoilers, and this isn’t per se, but it’s too good to pass up. The reason why Luke decides to train Rey as a Jedi is revealed.

Luke Skywalker goes onto the Millennium Falcon and stumbles upon his old friend, R2-D2. R2 is thrilled to see his old friend and shows him an old hologram of his sister asking Obi-Wan Kenobi for help from A New Hope. Luke realizes his sister needed him then, and she needs him now. It is at this point that Luke decides to train Rey in the ways of the Force.

Reason Why Luke Trains Rey Has Been Revealed

Rian Johnson, you are a @#$%ing genius. Truly. This not only brings back nostalgia but is perfectly in-character for the Luke Skywalker we all know and love. I’m actually kind of in shock that he got this so right. It’s not something cliche like, say, “Rey is Luke Skywalker’s daughter”, which is still a possibility. It’s based on his love for his sister. And helping people is the core of Luke Skywalker is. He saved his father, Anakin. He saved the Galaxy. Now he’s not only going to help Leia restore what they worked so hard to establish in the original films, but he’s going to help a lost young woman who desperately needs Luke’s help.

It’s only a shame that Carrie Fisher is no longer with us.

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