Tri-Heart Interactive, developers of The Otterman Empire, have revealed what their plans are for the game’s future. During a recent Reddit AMA, the team spoke answered many questions, particularly about the upcoming roadmap. While they didn’t go into specific details, they did state that there is still work to be done. In regards to a roadmap, the team plans to fully unveil it at a later date.

One redditor, u/maladeus, had asked the team whether the future content is part of an expansion pack or free update and whether or not these would be purely cosmetic changes. In response, the developers stated that:

“We are still working away at the feedback we’ve been given from launch! From functionality to visual improvements, our main focus right now is taking all the feedback and putting it into the game! As far as post release content is concerned, it is all determined by our community feedback. So we are taking suggestions and seeing what will best fit the game in months to come!

Characters, maps, new game modes, we want to give these to our community in free updates because they all come from their involvement in where the game goes!

Any updates moving forward will definitely be mixed, we have so much in the game that is cosmetic because we want people to make the characters look as ridiculous as they want!”

Otterman Empire Future

Other interesting tidbits from the AMA was that the developers are looking into implementing AI bots for versus modes, 20 characters were originally planned to be included (all of which had their own unique backstories), online support was intended but had to be cut due to constraints, and that a sequel is not out of the question.

The Otterman Empire is a third-person shooter which tasks users to take down the evil Tiko as he plans to take over the world. Step into the role of various otters and other aquatic critters to help stop these forces. Enjoy a full single-player story mode as well as split-screen local multiplayer which supports up to four players.

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