Korea doesn’t have a large video game market, but the Nintendo Switch is selling at a stellar rate in the East-Asia country. It’s sold 600k units, and while this may not seem like much, for a country with a small video game market, it’s quite a bit. Especially considering the country’s small population. On top of that, the Switch is outselling the PlayStation 4 in South Korea, which is the country’s most popular gaming system. The Nintendo Switch is continuing to expand its reach globally and while it may not eclipse the PlayStation 4’s numbers, it matches the system’s quality both from a hardware and a software perspective. Ever since the release of the Nintendo Switch, it has consistently rivaled its competition in the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. It has put out more high-quality first-party titles in its short lifespan than the Xbox One since that console has launched, to put things in perspective.

South Korea is just a microcosm of what’s going on worldwide. The Nintendo Switch brand is growing exponentially, especially with the release of the Switch Lite. Nintendo has learned from their mistakes from the Wii U and have bounced back in spectacular fashion. The Switch may be the best Nintendo system since the Super Nintendo, and the future is only getting brighter for the video game industry’s prime company.

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