In a time where childhoods are dying out and we are being forced to grow up, Disney saves the day in an incredible way. Even as the Avengers continue to topple the box office, The Incredibles 2 is able to hold its own as a superhero movie. A film almost 15 years in the making, proves that it was worth the wait.

The Incredibles 2 Movie Review

A Heroic Adventure

In the last film, after the family’s battle with the villain Syndrome, they all appear in the sidelines to support Dash in his track meet. However, nothing can stay calm for long because the Underminer appears in order to cause mass destruction in the city. Only the family of supers can stop this, but with that, the first movie comes to an end. Luckily in this new installment, Pixar picks up right where the story left off. The family is poised to hunt down the Underminer and stop him from doing any harm. Things do happen to go awry which causes the Incredibles to keep their identities concealed for the time being. Thankfully, there is a group, DEVTECH, that is willing to help their image, but Elastigirl is to be their main hero. This forces Mr. Incredible to take a step back and help raise his family while his wife gets to be in the spotlight. As the film goes on, the family must team up together once again, and of course with the help of Frozone, however this time it’s not so easy.

The Incredibles 2 Movie Review

An Incredibly Fun Time

This film is by far one of Pixar’s best projects. Even though it was almost 15 years in the making, this did not hurt the overall quality. The movie is able to take on deep themes as well. From feminism, technology addiction, and even to questions of legality, Pixar proves that it can tackle serious themes in a big way. It does not distract from the movie in any way, in fact, it just enhances it. The Incredibles has never been about childish antics or a feel-good story, these underlying topics do a fantastic job of providing a memorable experience even for older audiences. Plenty of moments in this film can be enjoyed by both children and adults alike. A personal favorite scene involved Jack-Jack and a raccoon.

A Super Cast of Characters

Director, Brad Bird does not distract viewers with plain action sequences or generic superhero plots. Instead, he is able to fully flesh out the cast of characters at hand. Elastigirl shows off her true potential and truly is at her best while exploring what it means to be happy. In the meantime, Mr. Incredible is forced to take a step back from the spotlight and has to learn to be humble and focus on his family. Even their teenage daughter Violet must overcome her fear of being an outcast and having a lack of confidence. Of course, there are high-speed chases and intense battles, but the main focus is these characters which help to separate it from other superhero movies in recent memory.

Overall, The Incredibles 2 proves that it can hold its own among other Pixar films and superhero movies. This is by far the best animated movie of the year and must be seen by all. It has a ton to offer for both children and adults. Viewers will realize that this sequel was worth the wait and is a must-see for 2018. The Incredibles 2 brings out the child in all of us.

The Incredibles 2 Movie Review
The Incredibles 2 is one of the best films of the year and should be seen by all audiences.
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