Bethesda Softworks has unveiled The Evil Within 2 launch trailer, and it’s filled with all the grotesque delight that one would expect from the creator of the Resident Evil franchise, Shinji Mikami. Players take on the role of detective Sebastian Castellanos in The Evil Within 2 as he descends into what might as well be hell in order to rescue his daughter.

This survivor-horror title is bound to draw comparisons to Resident Evil 7, as Shinji Mikami is the mastermind behind Capcom’s hit series. With the decline of the Resident Evil series though (although some really did enjoy 7), Bethesda has a chance to take over the survivor-horror genre with The Evil Within 2. While the first game was simply so-so, this title is optimized for this generation’s consoles (it’s not coming out on last gen like the first games) and developers are finally utilizing the technology that has been handed to them. The Evil Within 2 launch trailer sure does look incredible, and if the game plays nearly half as well as it looks, this could be Mikami’s crowning achievement.

Resident Evil 7 was solid, but The Evil Within 2 could blow it out of the water and become the premiere survivor-horror game of this generation.

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