I own an Xbox One. Last year they had a fantastic year with releases such as Quantum Break, Forza Horizon 3, ReCore, Gears of War 4, and Dead Rising 4 to name a few. What happened? One of their major titles, Sea of Thieves, has been delayed. There has been no mention of Halo 6, and if that were coming out this year, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. In fact, I would argue it should have been shown at E3 2017. Yes, there is a new Forza game that was just released and Halo Wars 2 released earlier in the year, but besides that, there really hasn’t been much. It’s actually kind of sad, as I love my Xbox One. Frankly, there’s no excuse.

The Xbox One X is a powerhouse, but how many people (outside of hardcore gamers) are actually going to purchase it? Not to mention the fact that the naming of the console is so confusing that my local GameStop actually told me they had customers come in asking about the system and consumers were confusing the One S and the One X. This is unacceptable. In my mind, they should have just called it the Scorpio, which is a much cooler name and differentiates it from its counterparts. It feels like the Wii and the Wii U all over again.

Power is one thing, but will developers actually be able to utilize it? Microsoft has already gone on the record saying they aren’t concerning themselves with VR until it’s more viable (a huge mistake), even though the Xbox One X can more than easily handle it (it is the most powerful system to date). While Sony has come out with their own VR headset, Microsoft isn’t going down that route and is seemingly relying on third parties, such as Oculus. Now, I am very familiar with the Oculus Rift. The cords are a nightmare and to use this in a living room would be a nightmare. Microsoft should come up with their own VR headset for the Xbox One X, but aren’t (as far as we know). Again, a major mistake on their part. Sony is way ahead in this regard and there are even rumors that Nintendo will be coming out with VR for the Nintendo Switch. What’s the point in having the most powerful video console ever if you’re not going to utilize its power?

Another main point is that the Xbox One X isn’t coming out with any exclusives to the console; it will play any game in the Xbox One family. What is the point of this? If this is the case they should break from the Xbox One make it a brand new console altogether. While the performance may be enhanced on the Xbox One X from previous Xbox One games, and it may be noticeable, the average gamer won’t care. This is a system that is marketed towards the hardcore gamer and most gamers won’t see the upside. The human eye can only detect so much, so visually it may not even be as much of an upgrade as they claim. If they make a game that is optimized for the Xbox One X, just as Nintendo did with New Nintendo 3DS, they could have a disaster on their hands. There were a few games that could play on both systems (3DS), but they played horribly on the normal 3DS as opposed to the New Nintendo 3DS with all kinds of framerate problems.

Let’s be clear: I still have faith in Microsoft and the Xbox One to rectify the current predicament they are in. Things are not looking good though. If Halo 6 were coming out, that would be a different story, as that is their hallmark title (although after Halo 5, I would argue that Gears is). Instead of focusing on software, as Nintendo and Sony are with their respective consoles, Microsoft is focusing on hardware, which may be a downfall. The Switch is selling like wildfire and there is a chance that the Xbox One finishes last in this current console cycle.

Hopefully, 2018 will be a much brighter year for them and they can finally put forth some quality software that gamers actually care about.

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Morgan Lewis is a Video Game Journalist is the Founder, Owner, and Editor-in-Chief of VG Culture HQ. He has been writing about games for over four years and has written over 1,500 articles during that timespan. He first fell in love with gaming when he received A Link to the Past for Christmas when he was six and is the guywazeldatatt. He also loves anime and anything that has to do with gaming culture and Tetsuya Takahashi games. He is also a huge anime and Star Wars fan.

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  • Rafoca

    It could have more exclusives and that would be great! But but look at Sony’s lineup… I’m only interested in Nioh. So it doesn’t matter if has tons of console exclusives if you aren’t interested in them.

    Also, even Xbox not having a lot of console exclusives this year, there isn’t a single day that I don’t have a game to play. I finished Pillars of Eternity and I’m playing Path of Exile and Dragons Dogma right now.

    If someone asked me if I want to have only exclusives or only multiplatform games, I would choose the latter right away. Exclusive games are few on both Xbox and PlayStation and a lot of them you won’t buy because it’s not your kind of game

    • wobblypops46

      Well said, I’m so tired of the same old rhetoric being thrown around time and time again by PS fanboys about PS4 exclusives being so many and so great. Maybe a dozen at most of mostly mediocre JRPG games with 2-3 exceptions. Such bs!


        You are tired cause its no BS and hasnt been like that all year.

      • Rafoca

        Exactly. I doubt that these people that brag about the huge list of exclusives PlayStation have actually play half of them.

        I haven’t bought Halo Wars or Forza this year!

        I have a friend that have a Xbox and recently bought a PlayStation. When he found me online he couldn’t stop talking on how PlayStation was so much better because of its exclusives. The funny thing is this guy is ALWAYS online on Xbox playing FIFA and Dark Souls.


      Ah perfect reasoning! It had so few options but thats ok cause I only care about the more than 30 options the other console has. Not subjective at all!

  • Truthhurts24

    True article Microsoft has been really sub par far as full AAA exclusives are concerned and 3rd party support. They really need to step it up next year or they will not gain more market share and will become a niche brand soon if this keeps up. Hardware and services can only take you so far.

  • starscream1180

    microsoft has been lacking in the 1st party dept , i play 3rd &1st party titles on the xbox and ps4 mostly for their exclusive 1st party titles only , it doesnt bother me much , i feel they’ll release some heavy hitters next year , still waiting for below , sea of thieves and crackdown.


    Mmmm A little late to the party, don’t you think? That has been said for almost a year now.

  • Edonus

    This is a stinkin ass pony article. the guy is on here talking about a bunch of dumb $hit, that justconfuses the reality. As an example the Wii and WiiU were completely different consoles and the naming convention made people think it was an upgrade or add on…… The Xbox One X is an upgrade and still an Xbox One. Uses the same accessories and plays the same games.

    Xbox One X one month away so I expect to see a lot more of these articles popping up. The Bias Gaming Media will be in full force. The title is even wrong because the Xbox line up is strong if you count all the games it ha coming out for it. I we just got Cuphead and Forza 7 PUBG on the way. Ps4 survived 3 years with just having the better version of multiplats…. but the BGM will not let MS do the same.

    And like I have stated before this exclusives argument is fake and is just being weaponized. I say that because if you want the best shooters on any console whether FPS or TPS you have to own an Xbox One…. Halo 5 and Gears 4 are the top of their genres. Having more Doki Doki and Dragon Quest 1 billion is fine if you like those but if you are a shooter fan they don’t change that Xbox Ones offering wipe the floor with Ps4s just like Ps4s single player story driven games wipe the floor with Xboxes. I see this giant list all the time of a bunch of games I would never buy so having 54 of them doesn’t matter.

  • Barry Harden

    So many Xgimps getting their panties in bunch. Relax, just pay your $499 and STFU. You’ve been had and you’ll always be sheep. Enjoy looking at your XBone X with the same old Forza, Halo, and Gears *yawn*.

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  • kokuz0512

    I feel that xbox one x is the new gen of xbox. It is way too risky and expensive to introduce xbox 4 because you have millions of loyal fans that have the xbox one or s and dont want to abandon it for some new gen. No fancy launches or investing in new ips now, let it progress naturally. This is actually a brilliant move from microsoft. Play all your old games and once pc and microsoft developers start designing high end future games the xbox one x can handle them for many years to come. For all the fans its an easy transition maybe not now but 1-2 years from now when the x is 300-400$. Unfortunatelly xbox has become a gaming pc with dbox logo but since pc games progress so much, xbox can keep up with x. You can pay 400-500$ for a good graphics card or get it all in one box with xbox x. It will be a smashing success