Tetsuya Takahashi, the man behind Xenoblade Chronicles 2, released a message for players in Japan. It outlines how new things are coming, both free and as a part of the expansion pass. Takahashi emphasizes that the game is not just about pursuing the main story and there is so much more to do, which is very true. He tells players not to rush because content will be released globally on a long-term schedule.

Good day to everyone who has bought Xenoblade Chronicles 2. This is Takahashi from Monolith Soft. I’m glad to have a chance to deliver my speech directly to everyone by using email this time.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is a scenario-based RPG that inherits the gameplay system from its prequel Xenoblade Chronicles. Being scenario-based, some people may think “is this game just about pursuing the main story?” But this game is different. It has a lot more features than just the story, such as exploring a vast world, raising characters and the various blades, beating strong monsters, and so many quests. You’ll need a lot of time to enjoy all of the replay value, but you don’t need to hurry.

Soon, the Advanced New Game Mode (a.k.a. second playthrough / New Game+) will be implemented for all players. Other than that, additional quests and story will be given to those who have bought the Expansion Pass. We are planning for this content to make Xenoblade Chronicles 2 playable worldwide in an even longer term, so please play at your own relaxed pace. Finally, please continue supporting Xenoblade Chronicles 2!

– General director Tetsuya Takahashi (Monolith Soft)

Tetsuya Takahashi is one of the greatest gaming minds of the recent era, so it’s wonderful to hear directly from him about what’s next for Xenoblade 2. A New Game+ is coming in February to all players by way of an update, so this will allow players to go through the entire game again. It is unknown what will carry over from your original playthrough, though it would be nice if at least a portion of your blades can transfer over.

Considering the wealth of content Xenoblade Chronicles 2 already has, it’s wonderful that even after its release it is receiving so much support. Hopefully, this is reflected in sales for the game as well.

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