The Super Nintendo Classic was back in stock momentarily on today, but sold out rather quickly. This may be a sign that Nintendo’s hit retro console may continue to see more restocks going forward. It was not even three weeks ago when I walked into Target and picked up a SNES Classic for myself — the first was a Christmas gift for my parents. While the system has been hard to track down, Nintendo listed it in their quarterly briefing as key to their plan to attract new gamers to the Switch. They believe the NES and SNES Classic consoles can be a gateway system. Whether or not this actually works in practice is yet to be seen, but my dad told me this before he even got a Classic.

With the production of the NES Classic in full swing, we could begin to see more SNES Classics in the market as well. These two systems are paramount to Nintendo’s strategy and the availability must improve if Nintendo wants to make this a reality. With the lack of a virtual console to date, having these two systems on the market replaces this demand for classic games, and could be a replacement in a sense.

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