I was five-years-old when the Super Nintendo came out, Super Mario World included in the box. Christmas day came and I ripped open my present from my grandmother (my dad was against it but she spoiled me well). It was none other than the SNES I wanted so desperately. My fondest childhood memories are of waking up every Saturday morning and playing Super Mario World and Donkey Kong Country with my family.

A Link to the Past was something special my dad and I did together; it was just the two of us. It set me on the path I’m on now, Zelda tatt included. When they announced the SNES Classic, I knew I needed to get one for my parents for Christmas. Of course, I wanted one for myself, but it’s better to give rather than receive. I managed to snag one for them and the results have been better than I expected. Pure fun.

SNES Classic is the Perfect Gift for Your Parents

Hilarity ensued playing this. But it is so much fun! Still the best 2D Mario game.

Nintendo has had an amazing holiday season, and the Switch is fantastic, but the SNES Classic may be even better for both a generation who never experienced the masterpiece that it is and better yet for families who used to play together but haven’t in years. Nothing has been more hilarious than my parents, who haven’t played video games in years, attempt to play Super Mario World and Donkey Kong CountryA Link to the Past is next. It was something that brought my family together growing up and still does today. Being able to give this gift embodies what the holidays are all about.

Of course, I wanted to keep it for myself. But I resisted temptation (heh). By releasing both the NES Classic and the Super Nintendo Classic, Nintendo is bringing back old gamers into the fold, like my dad, who is now 60. He even wants to get a Switch after this. He and my mom are re-learning how to play, which is a process, but they are having fun. That’s the whole point of Nintendo games, isn’t it? Nintendo’s business model is genius.

It’s a mix of both nostalgia and re-releasing some of the best content Nintendo has ever created in the best Nintendo console until the Switch came around and dethroned itA Link to the Past is still one of the best Zelda games. Super Mario World is one of the best platformers of all-time. Donkey Kong Country is pure fun, though challenging at times. There are too many fantastic games to count on the system.

SNES Classic is the Perfect Gift for Your Parents

My dad and I spent countless hours on this game. Still one of the best.

We at VGCultureHQ have talked time and time again about how Nintendo games bring people together, and this is no different. From the Switch to the Super Nintendo Classic and the NES Classic, Nintendo is building a legacy of not only fun in both the household and online. Isn’t that what gaming is all about? Nintendo does it better than anyone in the business. While they have wonderful single player games for people like myself, their multiplayer games are unparalleled. Visiting my family and having the chance to just relax and enjoy playing Super Mario World for the first time in almost 10 years has been blissful, for everyone.

The SNES Classic is close to a perfect console. Bringing my family together, and probably many more together for the holidays, is really all one can ask for. It’s pure fun with a bit of nostalgia and embodies what this season is all about.

The only hope I have is they have stock after the holiday season!

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