Stardew Valley creator, Eric Barone, announced on Twitter that multiplayer for his hit game could be ready as early as next month. However, this new update will not be available for all platforms from the start. He later confirmed in a subsequent tweet that PC, Mac, and Linux would receive the new mode first. The Nintendo Switch would then be next, followed by Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Barone stated that he was unsure about the timetable for these consoles, only that they would not have this mode next month.

The farming simulator was created solely by Eric Barone and was published by the company Chucklefish. Barone drew a heavy influence from the Harvest Moon series (now titled the Story of Seasons series). The game took five years to develop but proved to be a smash hit, selling more than 3.5 million copies. Players can fish, cook, mine, and even marry NPCs as well as farming. Stardew Valley garnered general appraise for the game and was even nominated for Best Independent Game at the 2016 Game Awards. The main feature that fans had been clamoring for had been a multiplayer mode. Thankfully, their wish will soon be granted as it will be making its way to all available platforms.

For more information regarding the game, you can visit Stardew Valley’s official website or by following Eric Barone on Twitter.