The outrage mob of a group known as #TheFandomMenace has all but written off The Rise of Skywalker. While The Last Jedi was a trainwreck, this is no indication that The Rise of Skywalker will be a mossumental failure in the eyes of the fans, yet YouTube channels such as Jeremy Griggs’ ‘Geeks +Gamers‘. Not long ago Griggs use a theory from RedLetterMedia as credence in order to generate faux outrage against the film. A theory. Now, while the film will undoubtedly have its criticisms, to use a mere theory in order to try to discredit the film is bad form. There is plenty of criticism one can make against Disney Star Wars; this is not a legitimate form of criticism. A lot of people didn’t like The Last Jedi, and that’s fair, but The Rise of Skywalker deserves a chance.

The Rise of Skywalker Trailer is Horrible

One of the biggest reasons why die-hard Star Wars fans should give The Rise of Skywalker a fair shot? George Lucas was involved in plotting the film with wirter and director JJ Abrams. JJ went to Lucas for assistance because closing the Skywalker Saga (which actually ended with Return of the Jedi, but, that’s fine) was a monumental task and after The Last Jedi, JJ found himself written into a corner. This is understandable. The fact that Lucas was involved gives credence to the rumor that the film will incorporate ideas from the Prequel Trilogy and the Original Trilogy. This is based on fact, not innuendo or fan theories which have no bearing on whether the film will be good or not and have no credence given it isn’t even a rumor. This is the problem with the online, anti-Disney (and I’m not a fan) Star Wars detractors. They “claim” that they will give The RIse of Skywalker a fair shake, but at the end of the day it will end with confirmation bias.

The unfairly bash The Rise of Skywalker based on The Last Jedi‘s failures is unfair. Many of these same The Last Jedi detractors loved The Force Awakens, which was co-written and directed by JJ Abrams. Why such the visceral reaction to this new film? JJ has an undying passion for Lucas’ story (documented on many occasions), and his legacy is on the line here. The film is entering the late stages of post-production and has even garnered praise from John Williams, who has seen an early cut of the film. John Williams is not only the greatest composer of our generation but has composed the music for nine Star Wars films. I would trust his word over some Star Wars YouTuber-authority wannabe in a heartbeat.

Give The Rise of Skywalker a chance. I know this coming from a The Last Jedi detractor may fall on deaf ears, but the film deserves at least that much.

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