Well, this is certainly disheartening news. As someone who watches Star Wars primary for the Skywalker’s, not focusing on their story in future titles is a may cause me to lose interest in the franchise as a whole. It is being reported that Lucasfilm and even Disney may not follow the Skywalker Saga beyond IX. At Celebration Kennedy hinted as much, and Bob Iger, who is the CEO of Disney, re-iterated her comments. With the anthology films Lucasfilm has opened themselves up to more possibilities, but the Han Solo film may be a disaster and Rogue One didn’t pull in the number of ticket sales that The Force Awakens did.

The Skywalker saga is an integral part of what Star Wars is all about. It’s both a space opera and a family drama. The sci-fi and battles are great, but it feels like Disney is pulling the heart out of the series, which is a huge mistake. There are also conflicting reports that a new trilogy on the Skywalker’s has been commissioned, and I pray to God that this is true, but it will take time before any announcement is made.

Let’s hope that Disney doesn’t forget the heart of Star Wars, and milking a franchise like they have the MCU has led to a decline in quality. Star Wars deserves better than that.

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  • frayed

    Well, I personally hope the Skywalker saga continues into the next trilogy. But I’m not sure it’s a deal breaker – it’s very likely the new hero, Rey, isn’t actually a Skywalker after all and TFA was massively popular. She’s s great character with loads of potential.

    Also, Rogue One as a baraometer for failure is kinda an odd choice – the film was a massive success compared to most blockbusters and probably cost less than TFA. If every SW movie did as well as RO Lucasfilm would still be wildly successful. And, to be honest, it’s unlikely they can continue the 2 billion record on every saga movie anyway as people get over the crazy anticipation eventually. So maybe changing up the focus could be a way to create uncertainty and therefore talk and therefore anticipation.

    So while I agree with the sentiment it wouldn’t really be a bad business decision. It could be a good one.

    • Don Klees

      I agree that pointing to Rogue One’s box-office performance relative to The Force Awakens’ as if it represents a major decline in interest in Star Wars seems a bit odd. By all accounts, studio expectations for ticket sales on Rogue One were (quite sensibly) much lower than those for The Force Awakens, but Rogue One exceeded them by some distance. i’m sure the folks at Lucasfilm would be happy to sign up for that kind of “failure”.

      • Morgan

        I understand completely what you’re saying, but by that same token, they spent so much money on the franchise and if they go away from the Skywalkers (Rey still could be one), there will be a huge decline in viewership. To me Rogue One was just okay, and the Han Solo film is meh. I am excited about the Obi-Wan film though.

  • Migi

    The series is alrdy not about the Skywalkers but about bullshit Mary Sue Rey, And her group of uninteresting characters. They should have just sticked with Lucas his scripts and story then it would be fully about the Skywalkers.

    • frayed

      Lucas wanted an even younger female protagonist for the sequels – – it’s about the only thing about them we know. Also, given how both little Annie and Luke both destroyed the enemy base in both their first installments – without being captured and tortured – I doubt she would have been any less of a kick ass hero.

      • Migi

        he whole reason ppl hated the Prequels is because Annie was this wonder kid, that’s the same reason the yhated Rey, But at least you didn’t see annie fight a sith lord with training and beat it. Also Annie was a podracer as a backstory while Rey never flew a starship yet can tell Solo what’s wrong with the ship within second on boarding it.

        Sorry but Rey is a garbage character. Also Luke didn’t actually escape because he was Luke but because of Han solo guidance. it isn’t like how Rey suddently out of nowhere uses her Mary Sue powers to use the force all of a sudden.

        The whole bullshit idea that Rey can use the force without training and take on a sith lord is a load a bulslhit. even all the other characters are shallow it show that JJ Abrams can only do 1 thing with his films and that’s the visuals cause he can’t tell a good story for shit.

        I would rather have seen and accept George lucas version even if the Prequels were shit.

  • Tim Whale

    blah blah blah more speculation. the film’s going to be ruined if it doesn’t go exactly how I want it to…. whatever. They could have two hours of ewoks gungans and Rey doing jazzercise and we would all pay to watch it over and over.