Well, this is certainly disheartening news. As someone who watches Star Wars primary for the Skywalker’s, not focusing on their story in future titles is a may cause me to lose interest in the franchise as a whole. It is being reported that Lucasfilm and even Disney may not follow the Skywalker Saga beyond IX. At Celebration Kennedy hinted as much, and Bob Iger, who is the CEO of Disney, re-iterated her comments. With the anthology films Lucasfilm has opened themselves up to more possibilities, but the Han Solo film may be a disaster and Rogue One didn’t pull in the number of ticket sales that The Force Awakens did.

The Skywalker saga is an integral part of what Star Wars is all about. It’s both a space opera and a family drama. The sci-fi and battles are great, but it feels like Disney is pulling the heart out of the series, which is a huge mistake. There are also conflicting reports that a new trilogy on the Skywalker’s has been commissioned, and I pray to God that this is true, but it will take time before any announcement is made.

Let’s hope that Disney doesn’t forget the heart of Star Wars, and milking a franchise like they have the MCU has led to a decline in quality. Star Wars deserves better than that.

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