Nintendo has just announced that the next Nintendo Direct digital event will be taking place on Thursday, September 1st. Beginning at 7 AM PST, the September 2016 Nintendo Direct will highlight upcoming titles for the 3DS family of consoles. While not the Nintendo NX announcement we were all hoping for, we’re still excited to see a showcase of the games releasing for the portable later this year and beyond.

The September 2016 Nintendo Direct will focus on games coming to the 3DS system, which means we’ll most likely see 3DS games that were previously shown off at E3. For example, titles such as Pokémon Sun & Moon and Ever Oasis — which are expected to release November 18 and 2017, respectively — are very likely to be included in stream. And it’s entirely possible that Nintendo will announce some brand new games as well.

As the event will focus exclusively on the 3DS, the September 2016 Nintendo Direct will not feature Wii U games (like Paper Mario: Color Splash) or information regarding Nintendo’s upcoming console the NX. However, this 3DS-centric stream may hint at a larger Nintendo Direct focusing on the NX in the coming months.

The September 2016 Nintendo Direct will stream live on Nintendo’s Twitch channel on September 1, beginning at 7 AM PST.

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