We recently made an article detailing Remedy Entertainment’s E3 2018 plans. Their upcoming project, P7, is to be officially unveiled, but this was not all. They have also stated that a new game has entered into early development. A rumor has recently begun circulating that this is in fact Quantum Break 2.

The original Quantum Break released in 2016 as an Xbox One exclusive. It was met with generally positive reviews. The game was at first intended to be a followup to their Xbox 360 hit, Alan Wake. However, Xbox felt that Remedy should shift its focus onto a new IP.

Quantum Break 2 in Development

The game was focused around time travel, but introduced a TV show aspect. At certain moments of the game, instead of a cutscene playing, a highly produced television episode would begin. Its plot would center around the choices the player had made, creating an immersive experience. E3 2018 is already shaping up to be very interesting for the team over at Remedy.

Quantum Break 2 in Development

If this rumor is true, it is unknown whether or not the sequel would become multi-platform. It could be similar to Titanfall, where the first game was an Xbox One exclusive but the sequel was available on all systems.

Quantum Break is one of the most underrated games on the Xbox One. In 2016, we voted it the best Action Adventure game of the year. The first game was incredible and let’s hope for Microsoft’s sake that it is an Xbox exclusive, if the rumor is correct, because Quantum Break is one of Microsoft’s best new IPs.

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