New details for the next trailer for Breath of the Wild 2 trailer have surfaced, courtesy of YouTuber GameOverJesse. While these rumors are unsubstantiated by us, Jesse has a solid track record and corroborated this information with several different sources and is a friend of the site who I have known for the better part of six years. Jesse is friends with and have had most of the voice actors from Breath of the Wild on his podcast, and has had people on who both work for Nintendo and have worked on Zelda. This gives this “rumor” even more credence, considering his position in the community and friendship with some of the biggest names involved in the franchise. After his previous leak, Jesse was bombarded with e-mails from random people claiming to have inside information, but stuck to his inside sources who have been credible in the past. Yes, this is a rumor per se, but it’s more than that. It’s backed up with credible sources. With that being said, let’s jump into it.

First of all, development of Breath of the Wild 2 is coming along much faster than expected. It’s using the same engine as Breath of the Wild and thus far it has been smooth sailing, even moreso than Majora’s Mask, which has been compared to Breath of the Wild 2 due to the fact that it used the same engine as Ocarina of Time and used the same assets. While this is true for Breath of the Wild 2, it also uses the same overworld, albeit with some new locations, while Majora’s Mask was built from the ground up, which is why the development of the game is going so well and is moving faster along than expected. Monolith Soft helped with the original title, and now has an entire team which is working specifically on Zelda, which is attributing to the quick development speed.

Breath of the Wild 2 to Feature New Mode

The engine has been perfected and there are no hiccups, unlike some small ones in the first game. Development is also going more smoothly because they are not developing the game for two consoles, but for one, the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo is planning to do an update for the game soon similar to what they did for Metroid Prime 4, but instead of negative news, this will be filled with positive news. In an initial interview with Aonuma for Breath of the Wild, Aonuma stated that he didn’t want people to think of the game as simply a single-player experience, so this may hint at some kind of multiplayer, similar to what Nintendo learned with Spirit Tracks, where Zelda was controllable.

The President of Nintendo is also making a hard push for all of their major first-party titles to include some form of online multiplayer, and with Zelda being one of their largest franchises, it would make sense that there may be some form of online play. It’s unclear whether or not Zelda will be playable, similar to how Link controlled Medli in The Wind Waker, a guide like in Spirit Tracks, or she will react on her own like Wolf Link in Breath of the Wild. There will be new areas, new quests, new dungeons, and new characters in the game. It is also possible that there will be a brand new underground area of Hyrule never previously explored. Breath of the Wild 2 is not expected to be delayed.

Now, for the details regarding the trailer, with much of the background info out of the way. It picks up where the last trailer left off. Link and Zelda are in every scene together, which may imply that
Zelda is with Link for the duration of his journey, similar to in the Breath of the Wild memories as Link accompanied Zelda on her journey to master her powers. At some point, Link and Zelda approach a dungeon or a cave-like area and Link’s hand glows, like in the first trailer. A door opens. It may be implied that this gameplay mechanic opens the door, but this is unknown at this point. Zelda has a shocked expression on her face in the aftermath of this sequence. One unexpected scene which is the final shot in the trailer is Link and Zelda on a medium-sized boat, which may be a homage to The Wind Waker, heading for an unknown island. This implies there will be brand new locations outside of Hyrule proper and opens up all kinds of new possibilities.

breath of the wild 2

We have to reiterate that at this point, this is merely a rumor, but, Jesse is a credible source and has credible sources from some of the biggest names in the Zelda franchise from Voice Actors to those who have worked on the franchise. It’s more than just a rumor. It should still be taken such until confirmed, but nonetheless, it is credible. If true, it’s very exciting and may point to a 2020 release date considering development is running so smoothly and according to Jesse’s sources, the game will come out sooner than people think, which is very exciting and gives the Big N a chance to really compete with the launch of two new consoles come this holiday season.

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