Ice Climbers and 2 player story mode coming to Smash Bros Switch? As with all rumors, we ask you to take this with a grain of salt, although the source of this information has been known to be right on more than one occasion.

According to Marcus Sellars, who has been correct about a number of rumors as of late, including Black Ops IVDark Souls Remastered, and correctly predicted the date of the Nintendo Mini-Direct, the Ice Climbers will make their return in Super Smash Bros. Switch and there will also be a two-player co-op story mode in the game. This will mark the first story mode in the series since Super Smash Bros. Brawl, which was crazy fun, despite the game’s “flaws”, at least according to elite Smash competitors.

If there are plenty of third-party characters in the latest Smash installment, that could mean we see the return of several characters, such as Cloud, who was added as DLC in the Wii U version and whose amiibo only released not even a year ago (July 2017). It would be a huge hit to not be able to use those amiibo who have only recently been released. Seeing as rumor has it that there is a large third-party presence in the game, coupled with the fact that Nintendo wouldn’t want to alienate customers who went to great lengths to collect some of these very hard-to-find amiibo, makes me fairly certain that we will see characters like Cloud, Ryu, Bayonetta, and Mega Man return in the sequel.

Ice Climbers and 2 Player Story Mode Coming to Smash Bros Switch

We should learn more information as E3 draws closer, but these rumors do seem fairly plausible. Fans of the series have been clamoring for the Ice Climbers to return for some time now.  A co-op story mode and a large presence of third-party characters would not be a surprise either. Honestly, we’ll just have to wait until E3 approaches to get any more concrete information.

And as always, regard these sets of rumors with a grain of salt, no matter how plausible they may be. Though I myself am very much hoping they are true.

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