While all rumors must be taken with a grain of salt, this one has some credibility. It appears Battlefield 2018 is Battlefield Bad Company 3. The rumor comes way of a Tweet by DICE employee Abbas Al-Rubaie who is based in Los Angeles. Furthermore, after the Tweet was posted and began to make waves, Al-Rubaie promptly deleted the Tweet and made his Twitter account private. The Tweet simply read:

battlefield 2018 ? is BC3

Another interesting tidbit is that Al-Rubaie also quoted a Tweet from Battlefield Russia with reviews of Bad Company 2. Someone managed to screenshot all of this before it was taken offline. Someone will be lucky to have a job tomorrow!

YouTuber AlmightyDaq also corroborates this, and he was responsible for a number of Battlefield 1 leaks that turned out to be true, for the most part. He has a proven track record which gives this leak credibility. While AlmightyDaq claims the game will be set in the Vietnam era though, all other indications are that the game will be set in the World War II time period.

Some question whether Al-Rubaie is a reliable source, but his account is followed by the official Battlefield Twitter account. People are also claiming that he is followed by a number of EA DICE developers, but this has not been proven, and it’s even harder to prove now since his account has gone on lockdown.

One more thing that gives this rumor credence is that after the completion of Battlefield 4, DICE LA began work on Bad Company 3. After several years it would make sense that the game is ready to be released, and it would just so happen to coincide perfectly with Battlefield 2018.

While this is a rumor, and all rumors should be taken lightly, this one actually does have a lot of credence. It’s only a matter of time though whether this is confirmed or debunked.

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