This contains major spoilers for The Rise of Skywalker and the Sequel Trilogy as a whole. If you do not want to be spoiled, read no further. This could be viewed as a rumor at this point, but corroborates the reports we have received in recent days and only re-iterates who Rey’s parents are. Rey’s Parentage is heavily hinted at in the D23 Expo footage which was released publicly today, if not confirmed.

Rey's Parentage Hinted at in D23 Expo Footage

Notice the ring Rey is wearing on her left index finger? This is a mother’s signet ring. It has two stones and each one represents one of her children. Here is an enhanced view. It’s hard to make out because of the lighting, but here is the best possible angle of the ring.

Now, why is this specific ring significant? It’s Leia’s ring which she wore in The Force Awakens. Why would Rey be wearing a mother’s signet ring which belonged to Leia if she were not, in fact, her daughter? Why would she have two stones on this ring if she only had one child? This corroborates the rumors that Ben and Rey are, in fact, siblings, and their relationship mirrors that of Jacen and Jaina Solo from the original Expanded Universe. Here is a look at Leia’s ring.

Rey's Parentage Hinted at in D23 Expo Footage

An embrace between mother and daughter..

Because of the resolution, it is hard to make out, but it is the same ring. There is no reason Rey would be wearing a mother’s ring which belonged to Leia if she were not her mother. Now, how they became separated and what happened to Rey after her birth? That is unknown up to this point, but will be revealed when the film releases in December.

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