Courtesy of ki adi moonshine of, more spoilers have dropped for The Rise of Skywalker. This time, they are much more specific. Some may come off as fan-fiction, but given the fact that Lucas was involved in some capacity helping JJ with the film, it is entirely plausible. As of right now, take all of this with a grain of salt as we cannot say it’s anything besides a rumor (despite our sources do corroborate some of it), but, it does seem to lend itself credence.

Do not read if you don’t want to be spoiled for The Rise of Skywalker. This is your only warning.

  • The Son is the villain. This will be explained by way of the ancient texts. They’re essentially being used as a narrative and plot device. Matt Smith plays The Son.
  • A toddler girl was cast. We already knew this. A toddler boy was also cast. Presumably, this is from a flashback of Ben and Rey as children.
  • This doesn’t necessarily fit the canon, but JJ and the story group do not care for one another and he ignores them, so, it may just be a retcon. No idea how it fits but two toddlers, boy and girl, same age, were cast.
  • The Whills are important. They exist outside of time. They are the living Force, the will of the Force, and have shaped everything that has happened in the entire saga. The plane of existence they exist in is the world between worlds where they communicate with the force and observe the happenings of the Universe.
  • The Son can take the form of anyone and is the ultimate tempter. This is key.
  • Lucas did not write the script by any means but had a significant role in molding the scenario for key sequences in the film. Filoni, at D23 Expo, as noted, also refused to say if any TCW characters will appear in live-action films.
  • Hayden has filmed scenes. They may be using a re-created Alec Guinness like they did Tarkin in RO.
  • Rey and Ben are twins. She was frozen in some manner, didn’t age, hence the biological age difference.
  • Kira, which is a name from Lucas’ drafts for the ST of Luke’s apprentice, is Rey’s birth name.
  • Rey’s turn is “complicated” and isn’t a simple turn to the Dark Side. It’s a bit of a misnomer, again.
  • The last shot of the film is Rey on Tatooine at the Lar’s Homestead, reflecting on her journey with a Binary Sunrise mirroring ROTS, hence “rise” of Skywalker. Stanzas in a poem. Though this was the original concept, it could have been changed. The intent was the Saga ends where it began.

A lot of this seems entirely plausible, such as the final scene of the Skywalker Saga. Hayden returning and using Alec Guinness’ likeness makes sense. Finoli refusing to answer whether or not TCW characters will appear in live-action Star Wars films in the future lights gas on the fire. The toddlers who were cast, at least the girl, has been known about. It is known JJ went to Lucas for help and Lucas was involved in some capacity with the scenario of The Rise of Skywalker.

All of these add up. Whether or not this is the finished product though, that’s up for debate.

We’re very excited though, and December 20 cannot come soon enough!

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