The Xeno brand is stronger than ever. With Xenoblade Chronicles 2 selling just under 2 million units worldwide and Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition on the way in 2020, Nintendo is going all-in on its hit franchise. With three Xeno games coming out in a matter of five years, Nintendo is releasing the best RPGs on the market. Xenoblade is the new Final Fantasy. It surpasses Final Fantasy, at least modern-day Final Fantasy, in almost every aspect. With that being said, these are the best Xenoblade games, ranked.

3. Xenoblade Chronicles X

ranking the xenoblade games

Mechs are so much fun

Xenoblade Chronicles X is plot-driven, as opposed to character-driven. It’s completely open-world, as opposed to the previous and subsequent games, which are completely explorable, yet linear at the same time. In X, you can explore the entire map from the beginning, although with all the enemies this could end in disaster. The ability to fight in mechs is one of the most awe-inspiring experiences in any video game. The combat can be complicated and the gameplay mechanics are deep, which makes for one of the best RPGs of all-time. It’s not one of the best Xeno games, and the characters are rather weak (especially your avatar), but, the game itself is marvelous and asks for a sequel.

The staff at Monolith Soft want to do a sequel. Listen to them, Nintendo!

2. Xenoblade Chronicles

Ranking the Xenoblade Chronicles Games

Shulk in Monado mode

Xenoblade Chronicles is one of the most iconic games ever made. It was Monolith Soft’s first major RPG project since Xenosaga Episode III, which was a fantastic game in its own right, but a commercial failure. Xenoblade rectified that. Although not originally slated for a North American release, fans demanded it, and they got their wish. Xenoblade re-defined the genre. It was open-world. It had an incredible story. The characters were compelling. It included the Japanese voice acting, which until that point was unheard of.  The game is a one of a kind and in many cases, the story reminds me of Xenosaga Episode III. The combat is real-time, which sets a new precedent for Takahashi. What’s better, is that this game is getting a complete remake in the Xenoblade 2 engine. All we know is that it’s releasing in 2020, but it will give a new generation a chance to experience this masterpiece.

1. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Nintendo Software Sales For 2017

Girl meets Boy

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is the best Xenoblade game, hands down. It has story. It has compelling characters. At its heart, it’s a story of a boy and a girl, and their journey together to find paradise. It’s touching. The gameplay is superb and builds off of all the previous Xeno games. I dare say that it is near-perfect. There’s a reason why Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is regarded by many as the best Nintendo Switch game. Tetsuya Takahashi outdid himself with this game. It’s his crowning achievement and I cannot wait to see how Xenoblade 3 pans out, given 2 is technically a sequel of the original. With the first Xenoblade coming to Switch, it only paves the way for a game that fills in the gaps between the two games.

Tetsuya Takahashi Releases a Message For Xenoblade 2 Players

Xenoblade 2 not only connected to the original Xenoblade game, but all Xeno games to date. It will be interesting to see how Takahashi explains all of this in subsequent games. That being said, 2 paved the way for this, and is by far the best game in the series.

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