At E3 2016, the world was introduced to a new vision for Arkane Studios’ upcoming sci-fi shooter Prey. The uncomfortably eerie tone of the debut trailer definitely left an impression, but many gamers were eager to see how the game would actually play. Luckily, publisher Bethesda recently released the first Prey gameplay trailer at this year’s QuakeCon, letting us take our first steps aboard the Talos I space station.

At QuakeCon 2016, Arkane Studios’ co-creative director Raphael Colantonio and lead designer Ricardo Bare offered the first hands-on look at Prey, followed directly by the reveal of the game’s first official gameplay trailer. Although the demo remains exclusive to QuakeCon attendees, you can view the Prey gameplay trailer below.

Prey follows the quest of Morgan Yu, the victim of heinous experiments that aimed to grant him alien abilities. Morgan must fight his way through Talos I, an earth-orbiting space station that has become overrun with alien life forms known as Typhon. The entirety of Talos I is open to the player from the very beginning, so players will be able choose how they explore the station and how they confront the Typhon.

The Prey gameplay demonstrates the various forms by which the Typhon can take. We see the small, spider-like Mimics that can camouflage themselves as objects in the environment, such as a chair in the trailer. We also see the massive and intimidating Nightmares, which look more than capable of overpowering Morgan without a good amount of firepower. Players will surely need to use the environment around them and adapt to every encounter.

The world and atmosphere of Prey certainly look intriguing. We hope to see even more, including more on tools and weapons, moving forward.

Prey is planned for release in 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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