As always, the PlayStation Plus games have been revealed for March 2018. PlayStation 4 users can look forward to five “free” games this upcoming month, due to Sony’s Cross Buy program. Cross Buy allows for eligible titles on PS3 and Vita to be played digitally on PS4 by being sent a download code.

The list is as follows:

  • PS4: Ratchet & Clank/Bloodborne
  • PS3: Legend of Kay/Might No. 9 (Cross Buy)
  • PS Vita: Claire: Extended Cut (Cross Buy)/Bombing Busters (Cross Buy)

This is a phenomenal month for PlayStation users. FromSoftware’s Bloodborne released to rave reviews and features gameplay similar to the Dark Souls franchise. Also, Ratchet & Clank is Insomniac Games’ 2016 reimagining of the PlayStation 2 hit of the same name.

However, this is not the biggest news that Sony had to announce. This will be the last year that PlayStation Plus will offer PlayStation 3 and Vita games as part of the program. Starting March 8, 2019, only PlayStation 4 games will be included with the subscription. Sony has assured customers that previously downloaded games will not be affected by this update.

PlayStation Plus is a subscription-based service that allows for online gaming and exclusive deals. Not only this, but it also offers monthly games that can be downloaded at no additional cost. Pricing starts at $9.99 a month, but can also be purchased yearly for $59.99.

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