As the holiday season fast approaches, so do more release dates for loads of different games. Indie releases have been able to prove itself as worthy choices among the slew of popular AAA titles hitting store shelves, and November is no exception. Tons of indie games are launching this month, so below are a few highlights to keep in mind when browsing the Nintendo eShop.

Bendy and the Ink Machine

Although Bendy and the Ink Machine looks like it would be a fun, happy-go-lucky game, similar to Cuphead, it is very far from it. Joey Drew Studios has created an episodic survival-horror title that looks like something out of the Bioshock franchise. Players take control of Henry, a lead animator for Joey Drew Studios, who revisits the company only to find it abandoned and haunted by his own demons. Exploration is heavily emphasized while also offering puzzles and combat to get through various sections. All five episodes will release in a complete package for the Switch in both digital and physical forms for $29.99.

November 2018 Indie Spotlight

Syberia 1 & 2

This 2002 graphic adventure game returns in a full remastering of the original game, in addition to its 2004 sequel, Syberia 2Syberia puts players in the shoes of the protagonist, Kate Walker, as she travels across Europe all the way to Eastern Russia. Her adventure begins with having to meet with Hans Voralberg, a genius inventor, who stands in the way of a take-over for her company’s latest acquisition. The game was a critical success back when it first launched and has spawned two sequels. Gameplay is similar to a point-and-click adventure game, with gamers uncovering hints and clues on what to do next. Microids’ Syberia 1 & 2 launch together in one package on November 8 for $34.99.

November 2018 Indie Spotlight


An action-adventure role-playing game with dungeon crawling similar to Dead Cells and A Link to the Past is what gamers can expect from Moonlighter. This title features rogue-like elements and engaging combat that is sure to keep players invested for the long haul. Rynoka, a commercial village, has just discovered a series of gates which lead to various dimensions, all containing a vast array of enemies. Players can go through each one, obtaining treasures that can help them become the richest in the land. Crafting and enchanting make an appearance, as well but there is much more to do than just fighting. Talking to neighbors and helping rebuild the village into a thriving commercial center is also part of the fun. 11 Bit Studios’ Moonlighter is out now for $24.99.

November 2018 Indie Spotlight

Ark: Survival Evolved

Fighting dinosaurs, building settlements, and defeating enemies can now be done on the go, thanks to the Nintendo Switch. The hit 2017 game is receiving a port which includes all the content from the original. Players will be able to join up and tackle various challenges with friends or in solo mode, while also learning to conquer the land. After being thrown on this mysterious island, gamers must learn to survive the harsh conditions and brutal encounters that they inevitably face. Although the game hit Steam Early Access back in 2015, it has gone on to receive loads of support from its developers and fans alike. Studio Wildcards’ prehistoric action-adventure title, Ark: Survival Evolved launches November 30 for $49.99.

November 2018 Indie Spotlight

All four of the above titles offer unique experiences that gamers are sure to enjoy. From retro-inspired releases to episodic survival horror games, there is plenty of varying options that can be selected this month. Despite the loads of AAA releases that have been appearing left and right, these titles definitely bring a breath of fresh air with them.

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