According to internal sales figures, Nintendo has come out with a press release claiming that they have sold 10 million units of the Nintendo Switch year-to-date. This is in just nine short months. The console is well on its way to surpass the Wii U in sales while being on the market for only a year.

Despite launching in March, a month not usually reserved for home console launches, and with the busy holiday shopping season still in full swing, the Nintendo Switch system has already sold 10 million units to consumers around the world, according to Nintendo’s internal sales figures.

According to VGChartz, the Wii U sold a total of roughly 14 million units. By the end of the holiday season, the Switch could surpass its predecessor.

Nintendo Switch Has Sold 10 Million Units

What’s even more interesting though is when you look into the PlayStation 4‘s first nine-month sales numbers. The PlayStation 4 also sold 10 million units in nine months. That system released in November, while the Nintendo Switch released in March. There is a huge difference in releasing during the holiday season and a somewhat off month like March. This is not to suggest that Nintendo will overtake Sony in sales, but it’s an interesting comparison, to say the least. The Nintendo Switch will most definitely surpass the Xbox One though.

If Nintendo keeps this pace up the Nintendo Switch will be a bigger hit than the Nintendo Wii. Considering the wealth of quality software for the system, there’s no doubt that it will be.

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