Many accused the Switch of merely being a “Zelda machine” when it launched, as Breath of the Wild was the one must-have game for the system. Now, the Nintendo Switch has grown its library quite a bit. They have released a major title every month since release. While Breath of the Wild was initially the reason people bought a Switch, players are now playing Splatoon 2ARMSPokken TournamentMario Kart 8 Deluxe, and more. Super Mario Odyssey is coming out later this month. Nintendo newest console clearly isn’t a “Zelda machine”, but it would clearly benefit by having an HD Zelda collection for the Switch.

Wii U Remasters

The Wii U was a commercial failure. No one can deny that. It did, however, come out with some amazing software.  Two games that released for the Wii U were The Wind Waker HD and Twilight Princess HD. Both are definitive versions of their respective titles and are two of the most highly regarded Zelda games. Both sold over 1 million copies on a failed system. Considering how well they sold and the games’ popularity, they would be a perfect fit on the Switch. So many people who own a Nintendo Switch now did not own a Wii U. There were so many people who missed out on these versions of The Wind Waker and Twilight Princess. It would be smart for Nintendo to capitalize on this and release them on the Switch. Better yet, they should include them in a collection, similar to what they did during the GameCube eraBreath of the Wild is already a hit, and without a Virtual Console on the Wii U, why not capitalize on Zelda’s current popularity?

3DS Remasters

Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask are regarded as the best Zelda games of all time, not taking into account Breath of the Wild. Their 3DS remasters only amplified these masterpieces. The visuals were improved and changes were made to Majora’s Mask’s save system which enhanced it. To not release these games on the Nintendo Switch would be criminal. They wouldn’t need to be remastered again; merely upscale it and add it to the HD collection. I still regard Ocarina of Time to be the greatest game of all time, even though I do think Breath of the Wild is a better game (I know this is somewhat of a contradiction, but they came out at different times so it’s hard to truly compare). Majora’s Mask and Ocarina of Time have been available on every Nintendo system since the Nintendo 64 (not counting the GameBoy Advance). Two of the greatest games of all time (not just Zelda games) should come out on Nintendo’s greatest console of all time, period.

Classic Zelda

The Legend of ZeldaZelda II: The Adventure of Link, and A Link to the Past have never been released in one collection together. A Link to the Past was oddly left out of the GameCube Zelda Collector’s Edition. They belong together though. While they don’t require any kind of HD remaster, being able to play them all on the Nintendo Switch with previous Zelda games would be any video game fan’s dream come true. Some prefer classic Zelda, others modern Zelda, but a true Zelda HD Collection would have something for everyone. Including every console Zelda game on one cartridge (minus Breath of the Wild) is a necessity for Nintendo. Not only would it capitalize on the current success of Zelda, but it would introduce older Zelda titles to a brand new audience.

Some of my fondest memories are playing A Link to the Past with my dad when I was six years old. I’m not quite as old as my dad was then, but it would be amazing to share the same experience with my future children, and I think many would feel the same. Classic Zelda informed what the series has become. These games have been available on almost every Nintendo system. They need to be available on the Switch.

Skyward Sword

Skyward Sword is a very interesting case. People either loved it or they didn’t. Personally, I really enjoyed it. It’s the polar opposite of Breath of the Wild though; as opposed to being character-driven and more adventure-oriented, Skyward Sword was plot-driven. It still has the best narrative of any Zelda game and the dungeons were top notch. Some thought it was too linear, and while I somewhat disagree, there are valid points to be made there. A high-definition remake of Skyward Sword would fulfill what Miyamoto’s vision for the game was.

Skyward Sword utilized a blur effect to make it appear to be like something out of a water painting. Because of the technical limitations of the Nintendo Wii, this didn’t always come across as it was intended. A high-definition remake, however, would rectify this. Visually, Skyward Sword would finally look how it was always intended to look. Skyward Sword was also released at the very end of the Wii’s lifecycle and wasn’t pushed onto a new system like Twilight Princess or Breath of the Wild, so a lot of people missed out on it. Putting the game on a Zelda HD Collection on the Nintendo Switch would allow new players to experience it and let us see how Skyward Sword was always envisioned to look in high-definition glory.

Bottom Line

With no Virtual Console and Zelda’s popularity being at an all-time high, Nintendo needs to take advantage of this. An HD collection including these eight Zelda console games would be a must-have for all gamers, especially since the Switch can be taken on the go as a portable device. Many people missed out on the HD remasters of Twilight Princess and The Wind WakerSkyward Sword would finally be seen as it was originally envisioned. A single collection with Ocarina of TimeMajora’s MaskThe Wind WakerSkyward SwordTwilight PrincessA Link to the PastThe Legend of Zelda, and Zelda II: The Adventure of Link would be like nothing ever released. There’s no excuse not to do this. Breath of the Wild introduced a lot of new fans to Zelda. Nintendo needs to continue this momentum and release a Zelda HD collection and continue to grow the fanbase. What do they have to lose?

With the upcoming release of the Zelda Encyclopedia, a Zelda HD collection would even give fans a chance to play the major entries in the series in chronological order on the Nintendo Switch!

  • Jeff Lusher


    • Morgan

      haha thank you. if you could choose one previous game on the switch which one would it be?

      • PawnSacrifices

        For me it’s OoT. I own this on N64, GameCube, Wii (Wii U by extension) and the fore mentioned 3DS & still remains in my top 5 list.
        Tho to be honest, I own SS on the Wii, but never actually finished it. (tho did finish TP)

        • Morgan

          I actually do not disagree. Personally I want SS because I just don’t think the water color effect came across as it was meant to because of the Wii’s limitations. If you’ve read my articles though, you’ll know that OoT is my favorite game, and Zelda game, of all-time. It’s really hard to compare it to something like BoTW because 18 years separate them. OoT has the perfect balance of story and gameplay though. I just wish BoTW had a little more story to the main narrative, but mechanically it’s the best Zelda game and even exploration is a puzzle.

          I notice your avatar is xbox….hehe…I am curious, and you can e-mail me (mail icon on the task bar)…what do you think of the current state of microsoft? I know I’ve been hard on them lately, but it’s funny last year people were calling me an xbox fanboy.

          • PawnSacrifices

            All good. I think things are looking great for the future. Xbox has kept on improving since Phil Spencer took over in 2014, or thereabouts. (Don really did some damage to the Xbox brand pre X1 launch) and with his recent promotion, Phil now answers directly to Satya Nadella (MS’ CEO). To which I think it’ll mean even greater things, as Phil has gamer’s interests in mind above investors.
            Play anywhere; I have a gaming PC too (i7 1770, gxt 1070, 16GB) so paying once for 2 games? I’ll take it.
            Back Compat; A good feature for anyone who wasn’t an Xbox player last, or last-last gen. Or even old enough. Or just want to replay them (old digital purchases still occasionally appear in my list).
            Cross-Play; It increases the player base! More players online at once = less wait in lobbies, more competition, greater community.
            Looking forward to what the next few years brings.

            Tho, still have a soft spot for Nintendo.
            I’m 35 now, did high school in late 90s, so rough guide for you. & yes, definite Nintendo fanboy. (I jumped ship when Nintendo sold my fav developer, Rare, to MS).
            But have owned every Nintendo console from day 1. And planning on killing Mario Odyssey before the Xbox One X releases.

          • SingingBrakeman

            I don’t know if you’ve ever seen Skyward Sword on Dolphin with the HD texture upgrades, but it really is the best way to play the game at the moment. The watercolor effect comes across soooo well in 1080p. I’d love for Nintendo to be making some money off of that!

          • Morgan

            That’s actually what inspired this piece! Honestly I’d be happy with just TPHD, WWHD, and SSHD, but it wouldn’t be complete without at least OoT..

  • PawnSacrifices

    Agree 100%. You say that graphics for OoT & Majora were improved for the 3DS, but that is WAY understated! Their almost entirely new, not just HD remakes, but totally re done. And yes I would buy OoT yet again if the 3DS remake entered the Switch’s store!

    • Morgan

      Yeah I know. Honestly I would settle for just a Skyward Sword HD remake. I think it’s the most underrated Zelda game to be honest and it has some of the best dungeons and the best story in the series. That game and BOTW are like polar opposites, but I like how they contrast. It’s really cool.

    • Morgan

      At the very least they need to release TP HD, WWHD, and a SSHD. TP and WW sold well, but on a dead platform. There are so many new Zelda fans. Expose them to what Zelda was and still is (BoTW still retains the “spirit” of Zelda, it just broke the conventions a little which is fine.)


    these and a whole bunch more please…!!

  • Leo

    In other words: the Switch is the formula that has the potential to make Nintendo relevant again. They’re missing two things: virtual console and an online subscription. How they will play out? Guess we’ll have to wait 2018… se

    If only they dumped the 3DS in favor of one console… but this is my opinion.

  • SingingBrakeman

    I’d agree wholeheartedly with this! The Switch mercifully retains a few key features that permit some of the more unique systems on these games (motion controls for Skyward Sword, gyro aiming for the 3DS titles), so porting them shouldn’t be a huge deal in anything but file size perhaps. One minor niggle may be the inability to play Skyward Sword in handheld mode – so much of the game’s unique qualities and indeed its puzzles require hand motions – but I trust Nintendo to work past this challenge.

  • Thomas Dozier

    Want it. Need it. Especially to level up a Wolf Link amiibo without using a WiiU!

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  • I am dreaming with this to happen. Altough if it’s not a collection, but just being able to download the games from the eshop and play whatever Zelda game anywere. Just imagine myself playing the Wind Waker anywhere makes me so exciteeeeed <3

  • Aylira

    Agreed! I had a dream about a TPHD, WWHD and SSHD release for the Switch.
    I wish it was real. Especially for TP and WW, since I have never played these and I don’t have a WiiU either. 🙁