In the new Nintendo Direct, Super Mario Odyssey was shown, displaying both nostalgic and fresh new ideas.

New story was announced. Bowser has a new diabolical scheme to kidnap the Princess Peach and make her his wife! He made one mistake however, as he also took a magical hat’s sister in the process. Mario meets Cappy, the magical hat, and together they team up to take on Bowser. Cappy allows Mario to take the form of almost every creature/person Mario meets in Super Mario Odyssey.

Power Moons were also shown off. This is a collectible currency Mario can find to unlock awesome rewards. Don’t get your hopes up though; they’re extremely hard to find in the world. NPCs are there to help if you get stuck, although for a price. You can also get Power Moons by finding and playing random mini-games you find while exploring the world.

The new store, Crazy Caps, was unveiled. The store includes loads of cosmetic items ranging from outfits for Mario to painted emblems on Mario’s ship, and these can all be bought with coins you find while playing the game.

Mario Odyssey will also bring tons of new things to the world of Mario. The one example referenced in the Direct was some new music playing in the background by an artist known as Pauline. That was the only one referenced, so we’ll have to wait for the full game to come out before we see any more.

Finally, they previewed three new amiibo. There was Wedding Suit Mario (giving you the Wedding Suit outfit for Mario in-game and temporary invincibility), Wedding Dress Peach (granting you the Wedding Dress outfit for Peach in-game and a Life-Up Heart), and Wedding Suit Bowser (giving the Wedding Suit outfit for Bowser in-game and reveals regional coin locations).

Super Mario Odyssey arrives on October 27.

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