Thanks to Netflix, a new Arrested Development season is coming later this month. This marks the start of the Bluth family’s fifth season. The new season will be released exclusively on Netflix on May 29.

Previously, Netflix had picked up the previously-canceled show for a renewed fourth season in 2013. In addition, they also added the first three seasons of the show to their streaming service. The fourth season was met with a lukewarm reception due to its different format style. Recently, Netflix has released a “remixed” cut of season four. This places all the episodes in chronological order, even splitting them up. This creates a 22-episode season rather than a 15-episode season.

New Arrested Development Season

Previously, Netflix was on record saying that the initial revival, season four, was to be a one-off and there would be no future seasons to come. Netflix has obviously changed their plans. The entire original cast, along with the original extras, has all returned to reprise their roles. This is excellent news for longtime fans of the show because it proves that there is still more money in the banana stand and more story to tell.

What’s more is that Arrested Development has entered the Marvel Cinematic Universe…sort of. A blue-painted Tobias is spotted in Avengers Infinity War in the Collector’s museum in the background. Could this be the work of the Reality Stone, or has Tobias mastered the ability of interstellar travel?

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