Peter Parker may have turned to ash at the end of Avengers: Infinity War, but we all know he’ll be back in Spider-Man: Far From Home. Little is known about the film except that the main villain will be Mysterio and Michael Keaton and Scorpion are returning. Jake Gyllenhaal will be donning the cape as Mysterio, and Sony and Marvel may be trying to set up their very own Sinister Six. Sony was planning to do this before they rebooted the underrated Amazing Spider-Man series and shared the rights to Spider-Man with Marvel.

Incidentally, a video has leaked showing Gyllenhaal as Mysterio. It appears to be a different take on the character as depicted in other various media. Jake Gyllenhaal was almost Spider-Man/Peter Parker in Spider-Man 2, but Toby Maguire eventually returned to reprise his role in the sequel to the original hit-film. Finally, Jake is getting his chance to shine in a Spider-Man film, only he’ll be portraying the villain instead of the hero.

Apparently, these are the last scenes to be filmed, as filming is wrapping up. The scenes were filmed on location in Liberec, which is in the Czech Republic.

This is Mysterio’s first appearance in a major motion picture and was most prominently featured in the Spider-Man Animated Series from the mid-90s on Fox Kids. It will be very interesting to see how Peter lands himself “back home” and the ramifications Avengers 4 has on the character, especially since Aunt May now knows he is Spider-Man.

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