My Hero Academia, the hit anime series from Bones based on the manga by Kohei Horikoshi, is getting a third season. It will air this upcoming April and will cover the “forest school trip” arc from the manga. The first season premiered on April 1, 2016, with the second season premiering in April of 2017. While the first season consisted of just 13 episodes, the second season consisted of 25. It’s unknown how many episodes the third season will have.

My Hero Academia tells the story of Izuku Midoriya as he studies to be the world’s greatest hero. on a chance encounter, he meets All Might, the greatest hero, who passes along his abilities to Midoriya. Hence, his story begins, and he begins to study at U.A. Academy, a school for prospective superheroes.

My Hero Academia Season 3

My Hero Academia has been a hit for Bones, which hasn’t come out with anything recently that comes close to rivaling the anime’s quality in a while. It’s also nice that fans haven’t had to wait years for subsequent seasons to come out, such as the case with Attack on Titan (although that is getting better).

With Attack on Titan season three coming next year as well, 2018 is looking to be a fantastic year for anime.

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