After an overwhelmingly poor reception to its debut trailer last month, Metal Gear Survive had a lot to prove in order to gain favor with fans. Taking the stage at the 2016 Tokyo Game Show, Konami recently released the first Metal Gear Survive gameplay demo as to show exactly what this new cooperative stealth title would look like. With zombies, wormholes, and team-based action, the 15-minute demo does indeed demonstrate what Metal Gear Survive is capable of, but it has at the same time stirred up further disdain in the YouTube comments.

The new Metal Gear Survive gameplay demo offers a look at the new game’s approach to action and stealth. While seemingly retaining Metal Gear Solid V‘s great stealth systems, Survive more emphasizes cooperative gameplay over solo infiltration missions. Four teammates must work together to complete objectives, collect resources, and combat a horde of undead enemies. The 15-minute mission shown off in the demo contains a combination of stealth, resource management, and horde defense segments.

The demo establishes Metal Gear Survive‘s setting as “an alternate world,” as “Mother Base soldiers fight to stay alive as they try to return home.” Survive seems quick to acknowledge the silliness of its setting and story, filling its “alternate world” with mystical wormholes and zombie-like “creatures.” This approach to storytelling can be seen as an attempt to dismiss fans’ concerns over the perhaps-unneeded continuation of Metal Gear‘s story, as the game seems to acknowledge itself as a goofy side-story set apart from the series’ primary narrative.

But despite the demo’s showing of competent gameplay systems and the game’s non-serious approach to story, the Metal Gear Survive gameplay reveal has not won over many fans. Konami has released three versions of the Survive demo for different territories, and each one has received a significant majority of dislikes. The Japanese demo is the most severe with nearly 94 percent downvotes at the time of writing. Fans in the comments have expressed their disapproval of the game as a gameplay departure for the series, as an unneeded continuation of the series’ story without Hideo Kojima, or as a perceived cash-grab by Konami.

Whether or not these concerns are substantiated, it would seem Metal Gear Survive‘s demo has not done enough to prove itself in the face of negative reception. We will just have to see more from the game to know exactly where it stands as a part of the Metal Gear series.

Metal Gear Survive is scheduled for release in 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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