Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3, two of the most critically acclaimed games of all time (despite the ending of the latter), are now available digitally on the Xbox One. While the Xbox One has had it tough lately when it comes to new games, they are continuing to build their digital library of older games that gamers yearn for. The games cost $19.99 a piece, which doesn’t include the DLC. If you already owned the titles and bought the downloadable content previously though, you’ll automatically get them free of charge, as you’ve already purchased them.

Mass Effect 2 and 3 Available on Xbox One Store

Mass Effect 2 has a 96 Metacritic score, one of the most renowned games of all time, while Mass Effect 3 has a score of a 93, which isn’t too shabby either. In fact, if the ending hadn’t needed fixing in the first place, the game may have scored even higher. If you haven’t played the Mass Effect trilogy before or a loved one hasn’t and you have an Xbox One, this would be a perfect holiday gift. The Mass Effect Trilogy is one of the best series’ in all of gaming and it’s a shame that Mass Effect Andromeda couldn’t live up to its predecessor’s legacy.

Regardless, these games are a must-have for anyone who doesn’t own them or hasn’t played them and will fill the gap with the lack of exclusive games on the Xbox One this holiday season.

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