During the Bandai Namco event on December 15, allegedly Soul Calibur 6 will be announced, in addition to a Dark Souls 1 Remaster. It is alleged that My Hero Academia and One Piece will also be shown, although that may be at Jump Fest. Xenosaga HD Collection is also rumored to be shown. Nintendo is said to have a large presence at the event.

As Nintendo is having a huge presence at the event, according to Sellars, it is likely that some of these games will definitely be on the Switch, with at least one exclusive. We know two games for sure. That leaves three more games.

Marcus Sellars Claims Soul Calibur 6 to be Announced December 15

While Xenosaga was impossible years ago, with the resurgence of Tetsuya Takahashi and his Xenoblade series (each game sold almost one million copies, despite one having a limited NA release and one coming out on a dying Wii U), there is a chance that a Xenosaga remaster would be financially viable for Bandai Namco. Xenoblade 2 Fans of the series are very loyal and while Bandai Namco owns the rights, Monolith Soft, owned by Nintendo, developed the trilogy.

Regardless of the issue of XenobladeDark Souls and Soul Calibur on the Switch would be huge. Nintendo will finally be getting the kind of third-party support they not only need but deserve. Soul Calibur II was on the Nintendo GameCube with Link as a playable character. One can only wonder, if true, will they do something similar on the Switch version of Soul Calibur 6? We’ll find out on the 16th.

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  • GigaGaia

    One Piece World Seeker confirmed for PS4, My hero Academia for PS4 and Switch, along with Soul Calibur VI for PS4, Xbox One and PC. It’s 100% certain that if Xenosaga HD remaster is real, it will be on PS4.

    • Morgan

      I still think it’s coming to switch. The Xenoblade fans would eat it up. I even asked their subreddit (I know not a great sample) and they really really want to play it and it’s really expensive on ebay.

      • GigaGaia

        I didn’t say it wasn’t coming to Switch, but passing on the potential PS4 sales would be insane since Namco usually go where the money is. In this case, it would be everywhere except Xbox One.

        • Morgan

          Sorry my friend I misunderstood. Do you think ps4 owners would buy it? Switch ones would simply bc they love Xenoblade.

          Regardless it should be on both.