The October 2017 issue of Empire Magazine has been revealed, and it features none other than our favorite Jedi, Luke Skywalker. Both Luke and Rey are featured on the cover, and the issue promises the “full story of Luke Skywalker’s emotional return.” Luke is shown once again clad in black, much like in the promotional image just revealed. Even Rey is wearing darker colors, which may hint at a darker path for her in this film. It’s also obvious that Luke’s lighter garb in The Force Awakens was a red herring.

The magazine story will probably be a huge tease, as there is no way Disney would reveal much this close to The Last Jedi’s release date. Still, what has Luke been up to this entire time? While the teaser trailer was great, not much was shown, and the full trailer for Rian Johnson’s promised epic has yet to be revealed. The Last Jedi may be the most guarded film in the history of the industry, and it brings back one of the most beloved characters of all time. It will be incredibly interesting to see what the full trailer hints at, and we will probably get it within the next month to coincide with the start of the NFL football season. While The Force Awakens was disappointing in a number of ways, it will be interesting to see what a pro like Rian Johnson will do with the next installment in the Star Wars saga.

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