In this piece of artwork from renowned artist EternaLegend, Link shows off his warrior side as the protector of Hateno Villiage in this piece of fanart from Breath of the Wild. EternaLegend if famous in the Zelda fanart community and has even put out pieces that media outlets mistook for official artwork. This is one of her most stunning and unique pieces yet, portraying Link in full-on warrior mode in his Breath of the Wild garb. The title of the piece is BOTW: Hateno Warrior. The caption is as follows and is a quote from Breath of the Wild.

Garill: “Do you know the story of the warrior who fought here at Fort Hateno? So, 100 years ago, we had these special warriors called Champions. The warrior who fought here was supposedly one of them. I heard the others all died in the big fight. The warrior, though… Some say he gave his life here too. But others think he went into a deep sleep to prepare to fight another day. Which would mean he’s still alive, right? I wonder if I’ll still be around when he wakes up. I’d love to meet the guy.”

The background colors clash perfectly with Link’s blue garb, and Link’s serious demeanor is something we haven’t seen before. His pose shows that he’s poised for battle, and this is a more serious Link than we’ve ever seen. It’s one of the best pieces to ever feature Link since Breath of the Wild came out.

If you want to see more of EternaLegend’s work, you can follow her on Twitter, Deviant Art, Instagram, YouTube Channel, TumblrArt Station, and Facebook pages to see her latest projects.

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