Publisher, Limited Run Games, wrapped a quirky and enjoyable E3 conference. It featured numerous announcements for upcoming physical releases. The company let viewers know that they have not forgotten about the PlayStation Vita and will continue support for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. For those of you that may have missed the conference or if you are looking to see what was revealed, here is a full recap.

Golf Story

The hit indie game, Golf Story, is getting a physical release. As per all of these games, it will be available at the publisher’s website. This will be available on September 2018. The specific day will be announced at a later date.


Iconoclasts was announced for a physical release on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. It will arrive in Q3 of 2018 on the company’s website.


The psychological horror game, Observer, is planned for PlayStation for this July. It will be available on the company’s website.

Layers of Fear

The horror game, Layers of Fear: Legacy, is coming just in time for Halloween to Nintendo Switch. This legacy edition will be available in October.


The rhythm game, Thumper, will groove its way onto both the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 on July 20, 2018.

The House in Fata Morgana

Limited Run Games announced that The House in Fata Morgana will see a physical release in Q1 2019.

2064: Read Only Memories

The publisher stated that they are not looking to end support for the Vita anytime soon. 2064: Read Only Memories is the first game announced that will be launched physically for the system.


VA-11 HALL-A is the other game that was announced exclusively for the vita. It will include a collector’s edition and a double pack option with 2064. 

Senran Kagura: Bon Appétit Full Course

The rhythm cooking game, Senran Kagura: Bon Appétit Full Course wil be launching in its physical form this Summer.

Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas

The action-adventure game, Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas, is receiving a physical release. Pre-orders are available today with the first 5000 purchases getting it later this month. After that, those that pre-ordered will receive it at some point in September.

Night Trap

The cult-classic and controversial Sega CD game, Night Trap, will be available physically on Nintendo Switch in July. Pre-orders open on July 6. You won’t want to miss this.


In a surprise reveal, Playtonic Games’ Yooka-Laylee will arrive on the Nintendo Switch in August. The platformer was funded on Kickstarter and has seen releases on other major consoles.


Spelunky will also be getting a physical release on the PlayStation 4 and Vita at some point in the future.

Exile’s End

Another game seeing a physical release later this summer on PlayStation 4 and Vita is Exile’s End. 

Phantom Breakers Battlegrounds Overdrive

Summer 2018 will also bring a physical release of Phantom Breakers Battlegrounds Overdrive. 

Salt & Sanctuary

Salt & Sanctuary physical pre-orders will open for the PlayStation 4 and Vita on August 24.

Double Switch

Another Sega CD full motion video game that is seeing a physical re-release is Double Switch. The date of release is currently unannounced.

Dust: An Elysian Tale

The biggest reveal of the day came from Dust: An Elysian Tale. This will be available on the Nintendo Switch later this year.

This was a solid showing by Limited Run Games. There was some surprise reveals and ports that were announced. It was a fun stream that showed off the company’s prowess.

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