In a newsletter sent out to fans, Limited Run Games has announced that select titles will be available through Best Buy. According to the publisher, a Best Buy representative had contacted them over the possibility of Playtonic Games’ Yooka-Laylee appearing in stores. This was addressed before the release of the Nintendo Switch version, but other titles have now been included. Golf Story and one other unannounced title have been ordered by the retailer and can be purchased after these have been shipped to initial purchasers.

Limited Run Games and Best Buy

Limited Run Games clarified many points that consumers may have. First, Best Buy won’t stock every game planned by the publisher and has so far only expressed interest in the previously mentioned three. Secondly, these titles are not reprints, rather they have been placed through the open pre-order system on the company’s website. In regards to this, only 5,000 copies were purchased by them and its 25,000 unit print run remains. Lastly, these versions contain a different cover art that is different from the ones ordered on the website. Customers can still purchase these covers for 99 cents online in order to obtain both variants.

Limited Run Games and Best Buy

All future titles that may be released through Best Buy will be stated beforehand. Since Golf Story was not, however, cancellation requests are currently being honored and a discount code is being provided to purchasers for future orders. Threats of physical harm have hit the company due to this partnership, but Limited Run Games assured fans that “If this partnership does not end up being the right move for us as a business, we won’t continue to pursue it on future titles.”

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