Mighty Rabbit Studios has created a fun RPG that is filled to the brim with 80’s references. However, the references are not so overwhelming that it takes away from the final product. The turn-based gameplay is fun to play and can vary with each battle encounter. Don’t let the 1980’s distract you from this fun and unique role-playing experience which is best played on the Nintendo Switch.


Saturday Morning RPG is separated into five different episodes. Each episode solves its own problem, but there still is an overarching plot. You take control of the lead character, Marty, as he has to stop the evil Commander Hood from marrying his crush. Before you begin your journey, you run into a character named, The Wizard. This is the first of many callbacks to the 1980’s. The newly met character grants Marty a notebook which contains powers that will help him to stop any enemies in his path. Once the first episode ends, the real adventure begins. The episodes have their own plots and final bosses, but they are all associated with the main story at hand. They’re fun stories that will have players wanting to go through each episode.


This is not just your typical turn-based RPG. It allows for users to become engaged in every battle. There is a multiplier in the bottom left that can help amplify your attacks. In order to activate this, there are two quick minigames that the player must complete. The minigames don’t stop here though. Some attacks require button-mashing in order to gain the maximum damage possible. These create unique battles that require the player’s attention for each one.

Side quests are also used to help players navigate the open world of this RPG. They are not just simple fetch quests used to pad gameplay. These help to discover the supporting characters and explore the hilarious dialogue provided by the developers. Players’ decisions on how the quest is played out, or if it’s even completed, will carry over to other episodes. This makes the choices matter, but not in a way that is essential to the plot. These are funny scenarios that will require players to do a range of tasks, such as completing bounties or just clearing a sewage drain. It is highly recommended to complete these on your playthrough.


There are two additional bonus modes that can be played aside from the five episodes. An endless mode, which allows for users to play through waves of enemies that depend on the episode selected. Also, there is an arena mode where players can fight the final bosses from each episode. Both of these add a sense of longevity to the game once it has been completed. They are fun and addicting that continue the game’s experience.

Nintendo Switch Version

This version of Saturday Morning RPG is perfectly utilized for the Nintendo Switch. It is a fantastic game to be played portably. The portability is its defining feature. Playing this on-the-go or even just in bed, one can enjoy this game everywhere possible. The touchscreen is also well used, as it can help to uncover which powerups are going to be used at the start of each battle. Using the touchscreen helps to activate these powerups easier than the analog stick. This is the definitive version of the game and it is best played on the Switch.

This is more than just a simple RPG. It’s a love letter to the 1980’s, while also being a fun experience for users. The game may be short, but it is made up for with its additional game modes. The gameplay is designed to keep users engaged in each battle. Dialogue and side quests are hilarious and they also help serve its overarching narrative. Mighty Rabbit Studios has created a great game that deserves to be played, especially on Nintendo Switch consoles.

Saturday Morning RPG Review (Nintendo Switch)
Saturday Morning RPG is a nostalgic joyride that will make you crave more.
Overall Score8.7
  • Comedic Side Quests/Dialogue
  • Nostalgic References
  • Engaging Gameplay
  • Scratching Stickers
  • Short Length
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