Independent gaming publisher, Limited Run Games, has announced a physical edition of Layers of Fear for both the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. The PlayStation 4 version is set to be a numbered release while the Switch’s is simply a distributed title. Both of these will come included with all the DLC and previous updates.

Layers of Fear Physical Edition

Exclusively with the Nintendo version, comes a soundtrack and poster, alongside the game. The PlayStation 4’s copy retails for $29.99 with the latter for $39.99. Both are set to be available on October 5 via the company’s website. Gamers have a two-week window to pick this up before it’s gone.

Layers of Fear Physical Edition

Limited Run Games has recently made the popular indie title, Golf Story, available in a physical form to cap off a packed September month. West of Loathing, Yooka-Layleeand Furi were all open for pre-orders throughout last month. October has not had any other announcements besides Layers of Fear as of yet. However, a new release has been teased with two images. One with the words “nowhere to hide” and the other stating “nowhere to run.” Many have speculated on what it could be but so far nothing has been officially confirmed. An announcement is expected on the company’s Twitter very soon for this teaser.

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