A Korean poster has revealed some interesting plot points for Rian Johnson’s upcoming installment in the Star Wars SagaThe Last Jedi. Although it comes from Korea, this information tends to turn out to be pretty reliable. The poster itself gives an outline of each of the characters and then a general plot summary of the film, which is by far the most interesting part. The character descriptions are pretty self-explanatory.

The collision of Good and Evil, Light and Darkness.

New Destiny VS Destiny of the Past.

It is the age of the ‘First Order’, the ruthless force of evil that has taken over the galaxy. The Resistance leaded by General Leia sends ‘Rey’ to ‘Luke’, hero of the past, in order to find the last hope that’ll light the spark of victory.

Through Luke, Rey finds a special power sleeping within her and unexpectedly communes with ‘Kylo Ren’, authority of the First Order…

Who will become Light and who will become Darkness? The great battle over the destiny of Good and Evil begins!

This confirms something a lot of people suspected: Kylo and Rey are communing with one another throughout the film while Rey is secluded on Ahch-to. The vision we see her seemingly asking him for help is probably a flashback-like vision which shows the fall of Luke’s new Jedi Order. This is probably where Rey tells Luke that Kylo betrayed him, but she won’t.

Obviously, the two have a connection beyond their sheer power. There has to be more to it than that. They are either siblings, which is highly doubtful or cousins, which makes the most sense. Either way, the fact that they are communicating throughout the film is an exciting prospect and explains a lot in the context of the latest theatrical trailer.

Only 16 days until The Last Jedi arrives in theaters! Hopefully, it will live up to the hype, and then some. With Rian Johnson at the helm, anything is possible.

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