The HTC Vive Pro has popped up on the Vive’s website recently!! And with it comes improvements that many VR users were hoping for in their next set of headsets! As of now no price has been announced, nor a release date for the new hardware. What has been announced are the specs you can look forward to if you plan on upgrading or have been waiting for something better to get into VR.

The first, and maybe most important change to mention to most people is that the HTC Vive Pro will fully support a native wireless solution to the issue of dealing with too many wires. This will allow much more freedom of movement and reduce the reliance many of us have on our track pads for turning in place. The adapter will also reportedly work with older Vives as well, but is not expected to release until at earliest, the summer of 2018. It should also be noted that Vive’s website states that the adapter for wireless functionality will have to be bought separately to the headset itself, so while it’s being shown off as a package-release deal, the actual acquisition of the headset and the adapter will be separate.

The second biggest change worth mentioning is the change in the resolution size.  The HTC Vive Pro supports a resolution of 1440 x 1600 pixels per eye, or 2880 x 1600 pixels total. The original HTC Vive only supports 1080 x 1200 pixels per eye, and to 2160 x 1200 pixels total. This is no perfect 2nd generation solution to the lingering problem that plagues current generation VR known as the screen door effect, but this is most likely the best we can expect while still keeping VR runnable on modern systems.

HTC-Vive-Pro-joueur-750x389.jpegOther changes the upcoming headsets boasts over its predecessor are detachable headphones that cancel outside sound and a new design to block more light out of the headset in order to keep virtual reality immersive and unimpeded. In addition to the potentially clunkier design of the included headphones, the headset has come with two new settings known as “Alert” and “Conversation” mode so that you can adapt to anything happening in-game and in the real world without ever taking off your headset.

The design will allegedly be a lot more comfortable than the current hardware as well with a brand new weight support system; so potentially get ready to say goodbye to feeling like you’re the one holding the headset up straight.  The Vive Pro will also ship with the latest Steam VR tracking system at the date of its release.

There’s no way to tell yet if this will be worth the price, and no release date or controller specifications available yet to tell us if we should be expecting another set of wands or if  this will be released with the well-desired knuckles as well.  Though even with how much information is missing, this is easily one of the biggest announcements in VR so far in 2018!

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