Gears 5 is the best console exclusive. I said it. The campaign is the best in the series, the multiplayer is superb, and the game has infinite replayability value. Gears redefined third-person shooters, and it continues to. On a second playthrough, its open-world components are not that bad and actually have useful rewards. Very useful. Because it is limited, it’s not overwhelming. This isn’t even taking into account that it is the best-looking game to grace not only the Xbox, but any console. It is breathtaking and the best graphical game to grace the television screen. Can any of Sony’s exclusives say this? Nintendo’s? No. Note: Nintendo is being left out of this list due to the fact that they are not direct competitors of Microsoft. Sony has Spider-ManGod of WarHorizon: Zero Dawn, and the horribly overrated Uncharted 4, to name a few. Those simply do not match up to Microsoft’s masterpiece, Gears 5.

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Uncharted 4 took its cover system from previous Gears of War games but did it not even half as well. Spider-Man was epic, but Gears had not only a gripping story but superior gameplay. Horizon: Zero Dawn was fantastic, but lacked the focus that Gears 5 had; And God of War 5, as good as it was, simply doesn’t match up to Gears. Gears 5 not only offers a superior single-player campaign but also an elaborate multiplayer experience, with both co-op modes and single-player modes. It is a complete package. You cannot say the same about the rest of these games. Uncharted is a rip off of Indiana Jones. Horizon Zero Dawn is too much like Breath of the Wild. God of War is a great narrative, but Gears is simply superior. With the upcoming Death Staranding, a glorified FedEx delivery sim, I have no doubt that Gears of War will hold this top spot.

Gears 5 is graphically stunning

Gears 5 is better looking. The story is more intriguing. The open-world segments may seem bare to some, but it’s actually a nice change of pace and the rewards are definitely worth it. Gears 5 is the best exclusive of the bunch. It continues to define third-person and cover shooting without getting stale, which is a huge accomplishment. Others have tried to emulate it, like the overrated Uncharted 4, but to no avail. While Sony has sone great exclusives, none of them measure up to Gears 5Gears 5 redefines what it means to be a AAA game, and the industry will continue to feel its ripples for years to come. Given how good Gears 5 was, it will be scary to see what they cook up for Gears 6!

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