GameOverJesse is a successful Zelda YouTuber with over 80,000 subscribers. He’s come up with a brand new scoop regarding Breath of the Wild 2 in his latest video which, if true, will make many fans very happy. The source that brought this information to Jesse was the same source that confirmed to him last year that at E3 2019, Nintendo would feature three The Legend of Zelda games in their E3 Direct. This happened. The source has a reliable track record and Jesse was able to corroborate it with other sources of his that he’s used before with additional reliable track records, so this is more than just a simple rumor. In fact, one of the sources gave more detailed information which will be unveiled in a video tomorrow, which we will cover.

According to the leak, corroborated by two of Jesse’s sources, Nintendo is planning to have two game modes on day one for Breath of the Wild 2. One is a normal mode, which follows the basic gameplay mechanics of the first Breath of the Wild with item durability. The second mode — dubbed an “easy” mode, which is a bit of a misnomer, as there is no difference in enemy difficulty or the amount of health lost — will have at least double item durability, and possibly no item durability at all. Nintendo is constantly tweaking the mechanic and has played around with making certain items unbreakable. “Easy” mode is supposed to make the game less frustrating for first-time players and for younger players. This is corroborated by a number of interviews that Miyamoto and Aonuma have given over the last few years in wanting to make their games as accessible to players as possible, and giving players more freedom over item durability, which was a huge complaint from the fanbase in the first game, would go a long way toward that goal.

According to Jesse, this is corroborated by two long-time and trusted sources. Tomorrow he will have some more info regarding Breath of the Wild 2, so stay tuned!

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