WOW! That’s all I can really say right now. The Game of Thrones season seven finale blew me away. I’m speechless (and that’s a very rare thing!) It was among one of the best episodes in the series, and definitely the best finale the show has ever offered. While previous episodes in this season were more action-packed, this one was more character-driven. It also marked the first time that (almost) every major character in the series has been present in the same scene. That was intense! It’s really hard to pick the best moments in the episode because simply put, there were too many. We’ve done our best though, and these are the Game of Thrones finale top 5 moments.

5. The Ice Dragon

Most would probably rank the final sequence with the undead Viserion destroying the wall as the top moment in the episode. It was the only action set piece in the entire episode and and it marked the beginning of this war that we have been hearing about since the first season. Visually, it was stunning. The Night King brings the storm and if Jon (Aegon, but we’ll get to that), Dany, and the rest of Westeros cannot defeat him, the rest of the world will fall. What I’m curious about is will Bran be able to Warg into wight-Viserion? The original three-eyed-raven did say that Bran would never walk again, but he would fly. That has so many different possible meanings, but, it could be a major weapon in the war for survival. While one of the most intense moments in the season 7 finale, this episode simply had too many incredible character moments for it to be ranked any higher.

4. Dragon Pit

Before anything else, it has to be noted that Dany’s arrival at the Dragon Pit was epic! She definitely did it as a show of power, which is so Danaerys, and it worked really well. When Cersei told Dany that she kept them waiting and Dany responded “I’m sorry your grace”, I couldn’t help but laugh. This sequence also had a number of amazing character moments. The Hound, in particular, was a major highlight. They teased Clegane Bowl so hard! Yet it seems to me that The Hound at this point has let go of most of his hatred and has nothing but pity for what his brother has become. His character development the last two seasons has been so much fun to watch.

You could see the sheer terror in Cersei’s face when the Hound unleashed the wight and it went straight for her. Personally I think they should have let it rip her throat out, but alas, that would have caused some major issues for our characters and that was not the point of this meeting. Jon (Aegon) is continuing to make the same mistakes that got his father (uncle) executed, yet he did have a point about vows and honesty. Even Danaerys was taken aback by him publicly swearing allegiance to her.

This was the first time all of our main characters were together in one scene in the entire series, which is a huge landmark for the show, and they all, for the most part, hate each other. Honestly, the scene was filled with so much intensity. Tyrion’s reunion with his sister highlighted this fact and had us on the edge of our seats, but, we’ll get to that bit later.

3. Littlefinger’s Demise

Sansa and Arya were playing Lord Baelish the entire time! For the last three seasons Littlefinger has been a little birdie whispering in Sansa’s ear, and she took the lessons to heart. The student has now become the master. Also, we now have confirmation that it was probably Littlefinger who tried to have Bran killed, and that pisses me off. He set the events of the series in motion with the goal of ending up on the Iron Throne with Sansa at his side. In the words of Cersei Lannister, in the Game of Thrones, “you either win or you die.” Littlefinger underestimated Sansa this whole time and made some critical mistakes, and it was eventually his downfall.

Watching him beg for his life, telling Sansa that he loved her, that he loved her mother, was the lowest that we’ve ever seen the man. He’s always the one with the power, but this time he was groveling like a peasant. Arya delivering sweet justice was incredibly satisfying to watch. It’s a shame to lose Aidan Gillen, who is such a talent. I wonder though, could he return? Arya is a faceless man…

2. Tyrion Confronts Cersei

Tyrion knew he was walking to his death. His goodbye to Jamie was heartbreaking because even Jamie has woken up to the fact that Cersei is crazy as **ck (honest truth) and out of control. This was the first time the characters had seen each other since season 4 and the chemistry between the characters was electric. Regardless of the fact that Tyrion had nothing to do with Joffrey’s death, it doesn’t matter; Cersei has always hated Tyrion and will continue to hate Tyrion. Tyrion’s pleading, his brutal honesty with Cersei, his admitted love for her children (minus Joffrey) was touching. Tyrion was so desperate. This was the best acting in the episode (possibly the series) and when Tyrion called Cersei’s bluff and told her to have the Mountain kill him, I was legitimately afraid. I thought he was going to die to be quite frank. She couldn’t do it though. On some level she still recognizes that he’s her brother and he’s family, despite the utterly disgusting person that she is. Tyrion is a master at the Game of Thrones though, and he ended up coming out on top…or so he thought. At least he walked out with his head intact, right? Regardless of the fact that Cersei has no intention of honoring their agreement, Tyrion still won this round.

1. Aegon Targaryen

Jon Snow has grown up his entire life believing that he was the bastard son of Eddard Stark. Last year, we learned that he was in fact the child to Rhaegar Targaryen and Ned’s sister, Lyanna Stark. We had no context for this though. We didn’t know if she was kidnapped and raped, as Robert Baratheon, the usurper claimed. We didn’t know that, in fact, the two were very much in love and even wed. This is an enormous game changer in the Game of Thrones, as Jon Snow is in fact Aegon Targaryen, the true heir to the Iron Throne. This revelation was exquisitely intercut with a scene showing Jon and Dany taking their relationship to the next level and finally making love, in traditional Targaryen fashion (they inbreed.) This is the most beautiful love story Game of Thrones has had to offer. Now the real question is, will they have children? It was even brought up in the episode that Danaerys may still be able to have children. The Targaryen line could be continued.

It’s really hard to put into words other than this revelation was handled perfectly. It was beautiful. It was touching. It was emotional. That’s why the revelation that Jon Snow is in fact the legitimate-born son of Rhaegar Targaryen, the true heir to the Iron Throne was the best moment in the episode, and quite honestly, the series as a whole. It also changes our entire perspective on the entire show, as Jon Snow, who derived his identity from being a bastard, isn’t one at all; he’s legitimate royalty.

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