Chevalir, better known by her handle, Chevalir Cosplay, is an up-and-coming cosplayer. Beginning her hobby in 2016, she has since cosplayed a variety of characters from popular franchises such as Danganronpa, Fate/Grand Order, and Sino Alice. As of 2018, she began making her own cosplays utilizing different fabrics and materials she finds to make magic!

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“I’ve been cosplaying for two years now. I found that cosplay is my newest and biggest hobby that I enjoy. I’ve been watching anime and exposed myself to Japanese media since I was a young child, there no doubt that it’s played a big part of my life and opened up my mind more about art, music, fashion, and storytelling. I wanted to cosplay because it made me feel great about myself.”


Setting an example and empowering one another is her mission. She makes an effort to learn to understand others through cosplay, and is an advocate for health and safety not only in the cosplay community, but for others as well.

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“I think it’s fun to cosplay your favorite characters, and the cosplay community is growing steadily each day to promote body positivity, diversity, and overall creativity. I am not a professional cosplayer, although it is an ideal, I think it’s fun to cosplay and feel good about your body and feel like the hottest model there is. Anybody can cosplay and have fun and that’s what I like about it.”

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Brianna Barboza is a college student, currently majoring in Arts and Technology. Having played video games and watched anime at a young age, she works towards pursuing her passion. Her ultimate goal is to work in Japan as a creative director.

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