“By fans, for fans”, as they like to call it? Last week San Jose hosted its annual event that is Fanime Con! Celebrating its 25th anniversary of bringing husbandos, waifus, and more to the con scene, this year stood out in terms of content and guests.

At the DoubleTree by Hilton, guests were treated to this year’s exclusive “Silver Island”. There was an exclusive area for the grown-ups that got content in the form of a market place, panels, and programming! But it wasn’t only the adults that got to have all the fun – various voice actors and performers strutted their stuff at the con, holding their own concerts and autograph sessions. My good friend whom I met at a Nano signing last Fanime reached his goal of obtaining yet another autograph!

オスカ (Oscar) is spelt and pronounced as Osuka in Japanese

There were also some amazing cosplayers that I want to feature here! Some of my most favorite characters were being appreciated.

For me personally I wasn’t able to do everything on the guide but my peers surely had fun! Fanime for me has always been a relaxing con, not too big, not too small. A fun event to catch up with friends and make great memories. Speaking of which, let me share my personal pictures and memories I made. Perhaps you did too if you attended the event.

Commission done by Yang Shan

Making memories and living in the moment is what conventions are all about. To enjoy oneself and sharing a hobby with others allows for long lasting relationships of all kinds!

Useless trivia: On day 1, I fell asleep to my roommates shouting “DURO MONSTA CARDO“, woke up the next day with “Fergalicious” stuck in my head and the next morning with Nano’s “Gloria” playing in my mind. If you want to wake up to awesome jams and anime quotes, come to Fanime!

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