Nintendo’s commitment to its mobile lineup continues with Dragalia Lost. A full Nintendo Direct was unveiled to show off the upcoming title and can be found here. Below are all the details revealed for this mobile game.

Cygames has been tasked with co-developing this Action-RPG title for both iOS and Android devices. Gamers control their characters through swipes to attack enemies and explore the world of Alberia. Multiplayer events are also planned to take place, which includes three player co-op, raids, and timed events. A core aspect of the game is its dragons. Gamers can increase their bond with them in order to unlock more abilities an attacks.

Dragalia Lost Direct Recap

The story for this title is as follows:

“Alberia… A kingdom where dragons rule over nature. The Alberian royal family possesses the power of shapeshifting. By forming a pact with a dragon, they can borrow its form and wield its immense strength.

One day, the kingdom is met with a strange and most troubling occurrence. The power of the Sacred Shard that protects the city begins to weaken. In order to protect his people, the seventh prince of Alberia, not yet pactbound with a dragon, sets out on what’s known as the Dragon Choosing.

While he seeks a dragon to form a pact with, he’ll meet new companions – including a mysterious girl from another time – and face a sudden and inexplicable change in his own father, the king.

Such are the chronicles of the bonds and battles that await the Dragonblood Prince.”

Dragalia Lost is a free-to-play title that will include microtransactions. These in-app purchases are subject to change, but they are similar to those found in Fire Emblem: HeroesAndroid and iOS users can pre-register for the game for free now. Doing so will unlock an in-game gift once the game launches. September 27 marks the release date for Nintendo’s first original IP for mobile devices.

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