Despite being a re-release of a Wii U game, Donkey Kong is selling twice as well on Nintendo Switch. But understandably so, the absence of New Super Mario Bros. has allowed the DK crew to hail as the undisputed best 2D platformer on Nintendo’s hybrid console. Visually stunning, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is Retro Studio’s most spectacular game to date. The first party titles in the early months of 2018 has been underwhelming for Nintendo, so a top-notch IP will still be appreciated by the handheld market, even if it’s four years post-release. But this isn’t just any typical port, we’re talking about the most defining chapter of Donkey Kong since the GameCube. A solid release which brings a lackluster franchise into vibrant color, the characters, and their surrounding environment portray a beautifully inviting exotic island. Much like many Nintendo IP’s, the game is family-friendly and leans on a unique, joyful experience rather than an intense, hardcore one.

The biggest DKCTF highlights are undoubtedly the level design, and boss battles. Introducing numerous gameplay mechanics as you go along, such as the mine cart, and rocket barrel. The simple controls for each feel almost instinctive, allowing more focus on soaking in the fantastic scenery. Taking on some of the cartoonish feel like something out of a Disney movie, an experience lost in most major titles of the last decade. Donkey Kong might appear to be a big bad beefy boy on the surface, but don’t be mistaken, this game isn’t trying to be game of the year. Finding inventive ways to challenge you while mainting a casual atmosphere from start to finish.

Although Funky Kong as a playable character might be seen as an “easy mode” for players, but there were already numerous obtainable items which relax your adventure far more. This was before, and still is now a great purchase for youth, amateurs, and newcomers alike. Though the multiplayer leaves a lot left to be desired, puzzle pieces hidden throughout the game make for a high replay value of an already solid title.

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Review (Nintendo Switch)
The best Donkey Kong Country ever released, with enough helping hands along the way for the entire family to enjoy.
Overall Score8.4
  • Adorable bosses pack a mean punch
  • Level design
  • Replay value
  • Underwhelming multiplayer
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