Our resident Agent of the Nine is back this week in Destiny 2¬†with some brand new Exotic gear, and we’re going to help you find him. This week Xur is on Nessus this week in the Watcher’s Grave, near the Chamber of Water. Warp to the nearest fast-travel location and head straight. You’ll eventually come upon a tree. Jump up onto the side of the tree and follow the branch. You will happen upon Xur. This week is easier to find him compared to last week, although I think his wares aren’t as good.

This week Xur is selling one weapon and three pieces of armer, per usual. He is selling the power weapon Fighting Lion. it is a pulse grenade launcher which has a delayed detonation. As I am not a huge fan of the grenade launcher’s in the game (Sniper Rifles, Shotguns, or Swords are the way to go IMO), this is a mediocre buy at best.

Xur's Location for 10-13

He is selling three pieces of armor, one for each class. For the Hunter class, he is selling the Knucklehead Radar helmet. This helmet allows is actually very useful, and in my opinion a must-buy for hunters. Your radar will still be active while aiming down the sights. It has the benefits of the MIDA, but doesn’t take up an exotic weapon slot.

Xur's Location for 10-13

Titans are able to purchase the Peacekeepers leg armor this week. If you have an SMG put away, this leg armor will reload them instantly if you take it out to use it. SMGs are hit or miss, but if you have the Riskrunner, which was sold last week, this is a great combination.

Xur's Location for 10-13

Finally, Warlocks get a new piece of chest armor, the Wings of Sacred Dawn. This armor works in conjunction with the Dawnblade subclass, so this is a must-have for all warlocks, even if you don’t use Dawnblade that often. The armor allows you to remain mid-air when aiming weapons for a short period, and if you get precision hits, it extends the length of this effect.

Xur's Location for 10-13

Xur was hit-or-miss this week. While the armor was all useful, including to must-haves for all Warlocks and Hunters, the weapon he’s selling is something you can pass on. Hopefully next week he sense a quality weapon.

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